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Category : Naad Brahm … Sounds of Absolute …

The Being beyond is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the statement “The Being beyond is Brahma” … This statement relates to Attributeless infinite being (Brahm or Brahman) who itself is the eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omnidirectional, omnipotent and omniparient one, who is also addressed as Brahm in Vedas … This self realization eventually leads to the accomplishment of a colorless siddha body (attributeless siddha body) …   SS-1 … Limitations of descriptions of this topic … The figure of this state cannot be painted as it […]

The Being in head is Brahma

The Being in head is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the ancient and almost lost Vedic statement of Being in head is Brahma and its relation to Hiranyagarbha Sharira (body of golden womb of creation), Tatpurusha Sharira (or the body of Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva) , Dharmakaya Sharira (The body of plane of righteousness), Buddha Body of reality (Buddha Sharira), Buddha Amitabha Sharira (This body also relates to Buddha Amitabha), Maheshwara Sharira (The body of Great Lord of allness, just as he is present in each […]

The being in eye is Brahma ... Tathagatagarbha

The Being in eye is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the Vedic statement of “The Being in eye is Brahma” … And also discuss its relation to Sanskrit words like Anadi Shakti (or timeless divinity) who itself is Maya Shakti (or divinity or Shakti of creator deity, Pitamah Brahma Ji) … And also discuss its relation to concept of Womb of Buddha’s of triple times (i.e. Tathagatagarbha) in addition to the fact that this state is also of a Non Human Man (or Amanava Purusha) … […]

The being in heart is Brahma

The Being in heart is Brahma

In the final (self realized) reality, it is seen that form is formless and formless is form … This is just one of the self acquired aspects of knowledge that are arrived by self realization of the fact that “The being in heart is Brahma” … And this self realization only arrives when the subtle vehicle which sits in the heart to self realize the innermost essence of statement of “The being in heart is Brahma”, merges (or non dually […]

Guha Kaivalya ... Cave of liberation

Guha Kaivalya … Cave of isolation

In this topic we shall discuss the Guha Kaivalya, which means the cave of liberation that is present in the heart of all aspirants … Brahmsutra (or Brahmasutras or Brahma Sutras) chapter 4 subtly tell about this cave of heart … This cave has been named as Guha Kaivalya or Cave of Liberation within this topic …   PP … Base of below discussions … The direct cognition of above figure had also happened in the early months of 2011 […]

Naad Brahm … Endlessly ends

This topic is to close the discussion on knowledge of Naad Brahm, or sounds of Absolute … The name of Naad Brahman relates to sounds of original impressions or Samskara that were generated by Ichha Shakti (divinity of desires) of Pitamah Brahma Ji … Though there is a lot of untold part, but due to demands of time, which itself relates to Bhagwan Mahakaal aspect of Shiva and his own pristine divinity (or Maa Mahakaali) and in addition to this, due […]

Yoga Tantra … Root of all systems

Basis all earlier discussions that have been done till now, it stands absolutely clear that Yoga Tantra of Sanatan Dharma are the root of all knowledge systems and texts of all religions of any of the triple times …   NN-1 … Yoga Tantra is the root of all systems … All concepts of any of the religions of now or ever, are essentially rooted within the Yogic realizations that were had and thence distributed by the self realized, all […]

8th plexus and Sound of Da ... Dakaar Naad

Dakaar Naad … Sound of Da

Dakaar is the “Sound of Da” … This is a Yogic sound …   MM-1 … Dakaar Naad …  This is the Sound of Bhagwan Sadashiva who is in an eternal union with Maa Adi Parashakti, both of who are present in the aspirant’s microcosm and simultaneously are also residing within the greater macrocosm, which also is within and beyond each aspirant … When the consciousness Pot (which in this texts is also termed as Chetan Kalash) of the aspirant […]

8th plexus and Khakaar Naad ... Sound of Kha

Khakaar Naad … Sound of Kha

In this topic we shall discuss  Khakaar Naad or the sound of Kha (or Kh of Sanskrit language) and where this sound also denotes Maa Adi Parashakti as Maa Sita, who herself is Yoga Maya, Yoga Mata and Yogeshwari within her state of being the Param Yogini inside the aspirant and that too whilst she is as the Pot of consciousness (or in other words, the Chetan Kalash or Amrit Kalash) that rises up to the 8th plexus …   […]

8th plexus ... Through Raam Naad

8th plexus … Across religious lore’s

Here we shall discuss the concept of Ashta Siddhi and Mahashunya, from the self realization of 8th chakra. And then discuss that the same 8th chakra is also Devdutt (white horse of Kalki Bhagwan), white horse of Christ and Imam Mehdi, Pushpak Vimana, Garuda and it also relates to concept of Udumbara of Buddhist lore’s …   JJ-1 … The base of this discussion … Readers must not misinterpret … This topic also relates to Sanatan Vedic Arya Dharma which […]

Vajradanda and later systems

Vajradanda or Vajradanda chakra is the golden colored staff of lightening which is present in-between the thousand petalled seventh chakra (or Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) and the four petalled eighth chakra (which in an earlier topic was also told as Brahma Chakra and also told as  Swatantra Chakra) as shown in below painted sketch … In Vedic lore, the same Vajradanda was termed as Vajrastra, which was told to be the weapon of Devaraja Indra (King or Ruler of all […]

Ashtama Chakra with golden body

8th plexus and Buddhata

This topic shall discuss the term Buddhata, which in English language means as Buddhahood … After attaining this state, is when an aspirant may become (or act) as a Sam Sam Buddha (which means a teaching Buddha) …   HH-1 … Explaining the word “Buddhata” … The term Buddhata means “Buddhahood” … And it also means as innermost Buddha nature, innermost fully and eternally awakened nature and as ones real nature … But here the term Buddhahood means Sam Sam […]

8th plexus and Vedic temples

In this topic we shall discuss the the reason for Vedic temples to have a Kalash (which is called as Mandir Kalash and is also termed as a Kalasam) on their topmost part, which esoterically and from the point of view of inner sciences (inner paths or paths of self realizations) denotes the risen state of Nectar pot or the Pot of consciousness (or Chetan Kalash) of that Vedic temple … This rise is also till the 8th plexus (or […]

8th plexus and Trisanku Yogi

In this topic, we shall discuss what a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta means and then discuss the stage where a Yogi who is a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta transits the 8th plexus for 100th time and thus he completes 100th Aantrik Ashwamedha Yajna, so as to be a Trisanku Yogi (Trisanku as written here, is also pronounced as Trishanku) …       FF-1 … Important note: Prior you begin reading this topic, just close your eyes and meditate for a few […]

Raam Naad ... The path to 8th plexus

Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus

Here we shall discuss the sound of Raam or Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus (or eighth chakra of Atharvaveda) … And also discuss this path to be one that would lead to a unity of religions of now as every religious lore is directly or indirectly related to Raam Naad (Sound of Lord Rama) which itself is heard within the microcosm of an aspirant …   EE … Now this text has reached a stage where I […]

Ashtama Chakra or eighth plexus with pot of nectar

8th plexus … Atharvaveda chapter 10

In this topic we shall discuss those Mantra’s of Atharvaveda chapter 10, which state about “Ashtachakra Navdvara” and thus discuss the final eighth chakra (or eighth plexus) and nine doors (or nine gates) of the human body … This is what makes the human body like a miniature state of Ayodhya Puri (i.e. Ayodhya is the city of lord Ram) and it essentially was due to this reason, that Lord Raam is told to be the inner ruler of each […]

Rarity of knower’s of 8th plexus

Here we shall discuss the reason for rarity of knowers of science of 8th plexus, which within the present Brahma Kalpa had originated from the Manu (or Father of Man) of the first Manvantara. This Manu was addressed as Swayambhu Manu due to the fact that he was a mind born son of Brahma (creator of allness) … Each of the 14 Manvantara of any Brahma Kalpa (i.e. day-time of Brahma, which has a time span of 4.32 billion human […]

What Ashtama Chakra … 8th plexus

This entire set of topics shall discuss the 8th plexus or eighth chakra of Yoga whose knowledge is originally related to Atharvaveda, but sadly this knowledge is already lost from this world … Within Siddha sciences and their vast lore’s, the 8th chakra (or Ashtama Chakra) is also termed as Niralamba Chakra and Niralambasthana … But since the placement of the four petals of this chakra resemble the placement of upper four great white worlds that are a part of […]

Ouroboros as Zero or Shyunya

Raam Naad and Ouroboros

The symbols of this topic are discussed in brief and these discussion is only to the extent that relates to our current discussion … Thus whatever is discussed here is not the end of the story of this concept of Ouroboros … Some deeper discussions on these symbols shall also be taken up in later topics, especially that topic which relates to Kaalchakra or the eternal cycles of time (or the cyclic nature of time or the cyclic nature of […]

Yin Yang accomplishment vehicle

Raam Naad and Body of Christ

Above figure represents the header of this discussion i.e. Body of Christ which gets accomplished only after successful accomplishment of Sound of Raam (or Raam Naad) … This body denotes the accomplishment of being a Brahmic Ayurvedacharya (i.e. a Man of Maker’s Medicine) who can also be termed as a Medicine Buddha … Once accomplished, this Siddha body does not reside in any physical world and thus is proceeds into the subtle realms of the unbegun macrocosm (or in other […]

Yin Yang Union

Raam Naad and Yin Yang Union

Above figure is only a representation of the Yin Yang Union or Yang Yin Union … This figure denotes the eternal union of masculine and feminine principles (or Yang and Yin respectively) to each other and just as this union has been since timeless eternity … But this figure also holds much deeper secrets …   NN-1 … Yin Yang Union … This is the feminine masculine union … Above figure describes this union but within a very subtle way […]

Lights in the third eye plexus

Raam Naad, Prayagraj and Kashi

MM-1 … Kashi and Prayag Raj and their relation to Raam Naad … The same Kashi and Prayagraj is also present inside each aspirant … Above figure describes lights in the third eye plexus which self manifest at that stage where Shakti Shiva Yoga commences inside the third eye plexus … Thus above figure is also denoting the commencement state of self realization of “Raam Naad (which in English means as the Sound of Ram)”, which itself is the Shiva […]

Ardhanarishwara Siddha Sharira

Raam Naad and Nirbija Samadhi

Here we shall discuss Nirbija Samadhi, which means “seedless absorption” or in other words, “absorption in the seedless one (i.e. Supreme being)” … And it is through this seedless absorption that the aspirant attains a freedom from all Samskaras (all impressions) that were earned by the aspirant by virtue of his/her earlier Karma and their merits (Karma Phala), except of course the destined merit (or Prarabdha Karma) of that incarnation in which the Nirbija Samadhi is accomplished … Thus, it […]

Raam Naad and Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara

Above figure is of Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara who is eternally present in the third eye plexus of each aspirant …   KK-1 … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara … Guru Shiva and Guru Maa Shakti Within the third eye plexus, Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara of the Vedic lore is as depicted in above painting … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara is my Gurudeva who resides within me and in my third eye plexus itself … As also is a fact that Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara, who resides within the third eye […]

Shakti Shiva Yoga ... Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga ... Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga ...

Raam Naad and Pranamaye Manomaye Yoga

Above figure denotes Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga i.e. Vital air sheath (Pranamaye Kosha) union to the “Manomaye Kosha (i.e. the Mind sheath) and just as this union happens inside the aspirants physical vehicle (or Annamaye Kosha) itself … This is what leads to the inner rise (i.e. rise within the aspirant’s microcosm) of the Pot of consciousness or the pot of buttery light (These are other names of the same Amrit Kalash, white pot of lighted butter and consciousness pot, […]

Bhadra Bhadri Yoga shown in a Tantric way

Shakti Shiva Yoga and Bhadra Bhadri Yoga

Here we discuss the union of Bhadra to Bhadri by the path of Bhadra Bhadri Yoga (or Bhadri Bhadra Yoga) which is also termed as Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Shiva Shakti Yoga) and also as Samantabhadra Samantabhadri Yoga (or as Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga) … And this can also be termed as Mahadeva Mahadevi Yoga (or union of the Great divine to its own great divinity) …It leads to rise of white pot of lighted butter (or in other words, the […]


Shakti Shiva Yoga in Plexus

This topic describes the Shakti Shiva Yoga (or this can also be told as, Shiva Shakti Yoga) that also happens within the plexus or Chakra … But here I have only described this union of Shakti and Shiva within two chakras i.e. Chakra of Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra) and the crown plexus (Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) because these two Chakras happen to be the final ones where the discussed union of Shakti and Shiva actually takes place (and which […]

Prakriti Purusha Yoga ... Commencement stage ...

Raam Naad and Prakriti Purusha Yoga

Here we shall discuss the two primary aspects of Maker and its Makings … These are told as Prakriti (or matter) or Pradhana (or Primordial or primary) or creation (or feminine principle) and Purusha or Spirit or self or Absolute or eternal or creator (masculine principle) … And their eternally unioned state i.e. Prakriti Purusha Yoga (or Purusha Prakriti Yoga) or simply the union of masculine principle or fatherly principle or the being to its own feminine principle or mother […]

Raam Naad is of Raam Bhadra

Here we discuss Raam Bhadra or Ram Bhadra from the final fact that Ram Bhadra is Atman or in other words Rama is Atman (i.e. your innermost essence or Atman is none other that Lord Rama) …     Raam Naad of Sound of Raam is heard during those stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga when Maa Shakti is uniting to Bhagwan Shiva and where this union itself happens within the aspirants physical vehicle … In Vedas, Shiva is Bhadra and […]

Raam Naad … The base

Here we shall discuss Raam Naad with respect to the fact that vehicle of “Sound of Raam” is the vehicle of Lord Rama and thus it is the Raam Yana or Rama Yana or Taraka Yana … All these are different names of the ever-same fully liberating auspicious vehicle of Lord Rama (or Lord Raam) … And some other aspects would also be discussed here …       In this topic we shall be discussing the Sound of Raam […]

Stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga … Continues

Here we discuss some of the self realizations during Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Raam Naad) such as Amrit Kalash, Pot of nectar, Kumbha, Consciousness pot etc. …   This topic is in continuation from the preceding one …   EE-1 … Rise of the “white pot of lighted butter” … Amrit Kalash, Pot of nectar, Kumbha, Consciousness pot And its relation to Hinduism and the much-much later  Christianity … When the earlier shown figure actually happens, then the white pot […]

Stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga

In this topic we would discuss Shakti Shiva Yoga or Shiva Shakti Yoga or simply Shiva Yoga (Which actually means, Atma Siddhi or accomplishment of or attainment of self realization and union to one’s own innermost essence or Atman) … And their relation to Ecclesiastes 12 of Biblical lore …     Above is the same figure which we had used in the earlier topic … The stages that lead to Shakti Shiva Yoga is as described in above figure […]

Raam Naad ... Kundalini awakening ...

Raam Naad … Across paths

This painted sketch shall also be utilized in later sub-parts of this topic, so keep it at the back of your mind until this set of topics Shiva Taraka Naad finally ends … Here we shall discuss the meanings of words like RA, Ra, Raam, Ram, Lord Ram, Roar of a thousand lions or lion’s roar …   The Base … Above painting depicts the condition which is present inside the physical vehicle during the stage when Raam Naad (Sound […]

What Raam Naad

Raam Naad (or Ram Naad) is the Sound of Raam (or Sound of Ram) which itself is the Taraka Mantra (liberating Mantra) of Bhagwan Shiva … This sound is subtly denoting Bhagwan Ram (or Bhagwan Raam) who is also present as the innermost essence or Atman of each aspirant) … This topic shall discuss the stage of commencement of the process of a final awakening … But the stage which is discussed here is only arrived after passing through a […]

What Shiva Taraka Naad

Here we shall discuss Shiva Taraka Mantra, Taraka Mantra, Taraka Naad, NaMaShiVaYa … But Prior commencing this extremely esoteric and highly secretive knowledge system of any of the triple times, I, the little student bow’s down in all reverence to my Param Gurudeva and Ishta, Bhagwan Shiva …   ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगंधिं पुष्ठिवर्धनम् । ऊर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् ।।   AOM Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam I Urvaarukam Iva Bandanaan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamrtaat II … Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Rig Veda Samhita […]

Akar, Okar, Makar, Omkar and Prajnaparamita Mantra

OM and Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Patanjali Yoga Sutras eventually lead to an inner realization of Akar, Viraat, Vishva, Agni, Okar, Hiranyagarbha, Tejas, Vayu, Makar, Ishvara, Prajna , Aditya, Chetan Tattva & OM … All above and more aspects (as discussed in this topic) are eternally present inside each aspirants physical microcosm (physical body) itself and where this presence is in a subtle impressional state (Sookshma Samskarik Awastha) … And this is what would be discussed here …       My father had kept collecting […]

OM and Prajnaparamita Mantra

Here we shall discuss Buddha Prajnaparamita, Prajnaparamita Mantra and some other aspects regarding  Prajnaparamita …     Above painting is describing the complete state of OM Naad i.e. the complete state of travel and further self realization of Akar, then the travel and self realization of Okar (Ukar) and then the travel and self realization of Makar and then finally to Omkar which have been discussed till now … And it is to this completeness of self realization (or travel […]

Omkar ... OM ...

Omkar … Sound of OM

AA … What this topic …  In this topic we shall be discussing the following … OM Naad … Sound of OM or AOM or AUM … The state of Omkar (i.e. the state of symbol and sound of OM) … This is inside the brain of each aspirant and its corresponding principal state is also within the macrocosmic creation … Pristine element of Maker (i.e. Brahma Tattva or Brahmatattva) … This is the pristine elemental state of Maker’s Makings and […]

Makar ... Three pristine jewels

Makar … Sound of M

In this topic we shall be discussing Makar or sound of M (of AOM Naad or AUM Naad) … And the discussions within this topic shall be within purviews of Brahmatattva or Brahma Tattva which means “pristine element of Maker’s Makings” and which the Jivatman realizes within purviews of the Vedic statement of “OM Tat Sat”, that means OM, Thou Art Truth” which itself is arrived within the Shuddha Chetan Tattva that is just beyond the Makar of our current […]

Jivatman travelling to Hiranyagarbha Brahma

Okar … Continues

Okar means the sound of O … This is the middle seed syllable of AOM (or AUM) which is related to the golden womb of macrocosmic creation or Hiranyagarbha Brahma … Okar is also the Karya Brahma or Doer Maker and the Golden egg whose divinity is Parashakti and Tirodhan Shakti …   FF-1 … Okar or Golden egg or Karya Brahma, Tirodhan Shakti and Parashakti … Above figure is denoting a very-very bright golden state in which the subtler vehicle […]

Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva

The painted sketch which was shown in the earlier part of this topic is also applicable to this one … This topic is to discuss the fact that Okar or Ukar or Sound of O which as such is Hiranyagarbha, itself is that who is addressed as Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva, Maheshwara, Ishvara, Amitabha Buddha and Dharmakaya and also as Tatpurusha face of Shiva …   DD-1 … Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva and Okar … Tatpurusha can be self realized by […]

Ukar or Okar ... Hiranyagarbha Brahma ... Tatpurusha ...

Okar … Sound of O

The state depicted by above painting is also a very bright golden colored one and that golden color is surrounded by very bright and bursting rays of orangish red light … But it does not seem so in above painting as the colors have faded over the years that have passed after this figure was painted … Here we shall discuss Okar or Ukar or sound of O as Hiranyagarbha Brahma or Hiranyagarbha or golden womb of creation and as […]

After arriving at Akar ... Ishvari, Gayatri Savitri principle

After stationed at Akar

Here we discuss Akar or Golden mother, Gayatri Savitri principle, Ishvari and also as Savitri principle  … state which is depicted in above painting is a very-very brightly lighted golden colored one and is like a million suns shining at the same time and due to this reason the aspirants travelling conscious vehicle (i.e. the vehicle which self realizes the painted state) also gets temporarily blinded as soon as it enters the sphere of the Golden mother as depicted in […]

Proceeding towards Akar

Here we shall discuss the stages which are prior Akar is arrived, when the aspirants consciousness is still proceeding towards Akar and just prior arrival at Akar (i.e. Sound of A) when the aspirants subtler vehicle travels in a position which is like Shashwat Pranam as discussed below …     Above painting denotes the state in which she is visible prior entering her sphere … This state is of a very bright golden color, but due to this painting […]

Akar … Continues

Here we discuss Self realization of Akar, Path to Akar and Reason for Akar … We have already discussed in the previous sub-part of this topic that the sound of this state is of the letter “A” of Sanskrit language … Thus she represents the “A Naad (or the sound of A)” which itself represents the first letter of the macrocosmic language (i.e. Samskrit) … Thus when the aspirants subtler vehicle is at her sphere (the aspirants accomplishment vehicle which […]

Akar ... Prior arrival at her sphere ...

Akar … Sound of A

Since this discussion is also a pretty vast one, so it is divided into a few parts … Akar is the Sound of A (i.e. letter A of Sanskrit language) and it also denotes Devi Maa Gayatri in addition to denoting Woman of Apocalypse and Mother Mary of Christian lore’s and Yellow Kachina of Native American lore’s … She also is the eternal consort of Hiranyagarbha (or golden womb of creation) … The deity shown in above painting is my […]

What OM Naad

We shall now commence our discussions on OM Naad (Sound of OM) which also relate to Vedic Beeja Mantra, Brahmlingam, Vedic Beeja Brahm and Atma Lingam … This discussion is not exhaustive by any means as I have only listed a few of the aspects of OM and not the whole lot of them … The knowledge of OM, its symbol and sound was even there during my much-much earlier incarnations when none of the knowledge systems which came by […]

Brahmpath … The Last Path

From this topic onwards and until we reach a much later stage where the mega statement (i.e. Mahavakya) of Vedas are discussed in all reasonable details, is the Brahmanpath or Brahma Path or Brahmpath (i.e. the Last Path or final path) … Thus this topic shall remain valid till the time when we enter into the discussions on the much later topic where the  great statements (i.e. Mahavakya) of Vedas are detailed …   AA … What is Brahmpath … […]

Deferred topics

Below topics stands deferred even when they had been passed through after all above were completed … This is because these are highly esoteric and restricted knowledge systems and thus these shall be discussed at the end part of text, which relates to self-realizations and realization of allness … Some of these are permanently deferred topics as they cannot even be referred during a divine degenerate age (or Kali Yuga)  …   AA … List of deferred topics … Restricted […]

Brahmanaad … Primordial sound of allness

Brahmanaad or Brahmnaad or Brahma Naad means the “primordial sound” and also means the “primordial sound of allness” … Brahmanaad is the same as “Makar”, Brahmari Pranayama or Humming bee breath of Yogic and Vedic lore’s …   Brahmanaad … Primordial sound … A part of Omkar (OM Naad) … The sound of AOM (or OM or AUM as it is also told) or simply, Omkar is made up of three seed syllables … These are as follows … Akar […]

Deity in Brahmarandra Chakra

Naad Brahm … Sound of Emaho

During the currently underway divine degenerate age cycle (Deva Kaliyuga) many words have lost their innermost meanings … And because these words have lost their innermost meaning, they are told as something different from what they actually denoted during those extremely ancient times … Emaho (or E-ma-ho or Ema-ho) is one of those words …   Describing Emaho … E-ma-ho … As of now, many aspirants interpret the meaning of Emaho as wondrous, fantastic experience, surprise, amazement etc. … And there […]

Ujjayi Naad and Bhu Mahabhoot

The earlier painted figure of Ujjayi Naad (sound of victory) where the dull yellow colored macro-elemental earth (i.e. Bhu Mahabhoot or Prithvi Mahabhoot) is shown shall remain valid for this discussion also … Here we also discuss relation of Ujjayi to Bhu Devi or Mother Earth …   JJ … Ujjayi Naad, Bhu Mahabhoot, Prithvi Mahabhoot, Bhu Devi, Mother Earth … As far as this topic of Ujjayi Naad is concerned, we have discussed that Ujjayi Naad means and represents […]

Ujjayi Swaas and Breath of Brahma

 The figure of Ujjayi Naad as was shown in a painting of earlier sub-part of this discussion remains valid for this one also … This topic shall discuss Ujjayi Swaas or Breath of Brahma and the effects on universe due to Rechaka, Pooraka, Kumbhaka of breath of Brahma, which itself is the victorious Breath within the Maker’s Makings … In this topic we shall be discussing the following … The pending discussions of states that are depicted in the earlier […]

Ujjayi Naad and Brahmand Yoga

The figure of the first sub-part of this topic stands valid for this one also … This topic would discuss relation of Ujjayi Naad and Ujjayi Swaas to Dharana, Brahmand Dharana (i.e. oneness to allness) and finally to Brahmand Yoga (union to allness) …   GG-1 … Brahmand Yoga … Union to allness … Firstly we shall have to clarify the term “Brahmand Yoga” … The word “Brahmand” means entirety of allness and her each part … Thus this term also […]

Ujjayi Naad and Mahamanava

The painting of first sub-part of this topic holds valid for this one also … So interested aspirant’s can refer to that topic and its painting for a better understanding of discussions of this one … In this part of our discussion on Ujjayi Naad, we shall be discussing the mega evolved one or Great man among men (i.e. Mahamanava) who reside in the painted state of  macro-elemental earth (i.e. Prithvi Mahabhoot or Bhu Mahabhoot) as was shown in an […]

Ujjayi Naad and Chakravart

The figure of the earlier sub-part of this topic stands valid for this one also … Here we discuss the terms Chakravart, Chakravartin, Chakravartin Samraat and Anointed one and their relation to Ujjayi Naad of this discussion …   FF-1 … Explaining Chakravartin Samraat (i.e. Yoga Chakravart) … As we had discussed in the earlier topic, Ujjayi means victory and Naad means sound … So the term Ujjayi Naad means sound of victory … This that Yogi ones who arrived […]

Ujjayi Naad ... THE SOUND OF VICTORY ...

Ujjayi Naad … The Sound of Victory

 This topic is also a pretty vast one, so I have divided it into parts … Here we discuss Ujjayi Naad or Sound of victory which is also termed as Ujjayi, Ujj and as sound of a victor of allness … In addition to above, this is also a very complicated, highly esoteric topic whose knowledge cannot be distributed openly as it is meant to be given only to those who hold appropriate Karmic Samskaras (karmic impressions or karmic merits […]

Three Bodhisattva's in the heart ... Three protector Bodhisattva or Three great protectors or Three protectors of a Buddha

Rudra Within Rudra … Itself within Itself …

In this part of the topic, we shall discuss the three protector Bodhisattva; i.e. Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani, who have also been addressed as the “three great protectors” and also as “three protectors of Buddha” … And also discuss their relation to Vedic Trinity as stated in Puranic lore …   Kotirudra Samhita 7.15 of Shiva Purana states thus …   सर्वे रुद्रम भजनयेवा रुद्र: किंचिद भजेंनाहि स्वात्मा भक्तावातसलयाद भजत्येवा कदाचन   Translation: Everyone worships Rudra but Rudra doesn’t worship […]

Aghora and Islam as Makkeshwar Mahadeva

Aghora, Rudra, Shivalingam … Untold aspects

This topic is to discuss the fact about Mahadeva as Makkeshwar Mahadeva or the Shiva as the Lord of Mecca and as Kabaleshwar Mahadeva or Shiva as the lord of Kaba (or Kaaba) … Regarding above painting … This experience happened way back in 1996 when I still was a second mate of foreign going ships … This experience was when the divine flower “Udumbara” had again bloomed within this world and that too after a gap of time of […]

Inward path … A worldly experience

This topic is discuss an experience regarding something that relates to existence Rudra across lore’s and especially with respect to the words Allah, Khuda, Khuda Tala and Allah Tala of Islam and thus prove that as far as the deity of Rudra is concerned, this deity is actually present across many lore’s … And thus refer to the Vedic statement of “Ekam Sat Viprah Bahudah Vadanti” or “Truth is one but sages call it by different names” …   MM-1 […]

Rudra's light within the Brain ... This is light of Buddha ALA within each and is also termed as Noor of Allah

Light of ALA Naad within

LL-1 … Above  painting shows the light that forms at the top of brain and inside the skull bones after the aspirant has already successfully transited through the direct cognition’s (i.e. self-realizations) of earlier parts of this topic … This is the Light of ALA Naad or Light of Rudra that is eternally present within each aspirant … This is also the light which has been termed as Noor of Allah Tala in Islam (Because Sound of ALA or Rudra […]

Rudra … The One … But in many …

Here we shall discuss the presence of Rudra across lore’s … Rudra or Shambhu (or Swayambhu) of Vedas is none other than Buddha ALA of Buddhist lore’s and in Islamic lore, the same Rudra is also addressed as Allah Tala (or Allah) … Sagun Sakaar Awastha (Attributed form condition or human form) of Rudra is Red Kachina is Native American lore’s … Asmita Samadhi of Yoga is also attained within the purviews of vast envelopes of Rudra … And Red […]

ALA Naad ... When close to central yellow orb showing Tejas

Proceeding into ALA Naad

Above figure describes Rudra Deva (sound of ALA or ALA Naad) when the subtle travelling vehicle (of the aspirant who realizes this state) is stationed in closer proximity to central yellow orb of ALA as has been shown in above painting … Here we shall discuss the fact that Buddha ALA or ALA Buddha or Rudra of Vedas itself is the lord of Tejas and Tejas Naadi (or channel of heat luminosity), Yamuna Nadi (or Yamuna River), Surya Naadi (Sun […]


Rudra Deva … ALA Naad

This topic is to discuss Rudra Deva of Vedas and whose sound is of ALA (ALA Naad) … ALA Buddha or Buddha ALA is the wrathful primordial Buddha of some of the sects of Buddhism … And also discuss other aspects of Rudra, like the facts that Rudra Deva itself is Shambhu or Swayambhu, Aja or Aj, whose sound is of ALA (ALA Naad) and who in Yoga Tantra is also termed as Asmita … And Rudra Deva who is […]

Ahum to ALA … Continues

The figure of earlier part of this topic which describes the path from Ahum to ALA is also applicable to this one, thus, this topic is in continuation to the previous one which has the header of “From Ahum to ALA” … This is the path of realization of twenty Brahma worlds of which 16 are lower and 4 are upper Brahma worlds of Mahabrahma, Baka, Sahampati, Sanatkumara …   From Ahum to ALA … After emptiness is diamond white […]

From Ahum to ALA

The figure of earlier part of this topic (i.e. from Ahum Naad to ALA Naad) is also applicable to this one … Here we would discuss the how it is when the (Sookshma Sharira (or subtle body or astral vehicle or astral body) consciously proceeds from Ahum to ALA and some of the realizations therein that of four sages or four Buddhas prior entering into the final absorption (or Jhana) of Shunya Samadhi (i.e. absorption in emptiness) …   Reason […]

The subtle route from Ahum Naad to Ala Naad

From Ahum Naad to ALA Naad

Since this is also a pretty vast topic, so I have divided it into parts … But this part of the topic would discuss the path of subtle vehicle when it proceeds from Ahum Naad to ALA Naad (Sound of ALA) and thence it self realizes what was told as Krishna Pingalam or Krishna Pingala aspect of Rudra of Vedas … This topic is to discuss the stage after Ahum Naad (Ahum Naad has been discussed in the previous set […]

Sookshma Sharira Yoga Aghora

The title of this topic i.e. Sookshma Sharira Yoga Aghora, means the Yoga or Union of subtle body (or astral vehicle or astral body or Sookshma Sharira) to Aghora face of Sadashiva … When this union to Aghora (or Yoga to Aghora or Yoga Aghora) happens then all nineteen parts of subtle body dissolve into Aghora and thus these are found to be missing in their independence to their own macrocosmic principal i.e. Aghora face and this is even when […]

Aghora in various paths

This topic is to discuss the presence of systems which relate to Aghora face of Sadashiva or simply Aghora, within various paths of various knowledge systems that came by to this world … Here we discuss relation of Aghora to Plane of mind and also to the imaginary world of mind (or Manoloka) and also discuss the fact that “Shiva is Vishnu and Vishnu is Shiva” and thus there also is an absence of duality in Aghora … Figure of […]

Furthering on Aghora

XX … As far as Aghora and the first figure of this topic is concerned, below listed discussions are a fact … Here we shall discuss Aghora in relation to various other aspects from across lore’s, like Linga Sharira, Gyan Lingam, Blue Kachina, Emanation …   01 … Aghora is an emanation of Itself … Aghora face of Sadashiva (and also every other face of Sadashiva) can neither be termed as begun nor as unbegun, neither manifested nor non-manifested and […]

Shiva Shakti Yoga, Shakti Shiva Yoga in Brahmarandra

Aghora as higher of Yoga Tantras

This topic is to denote the stage of union of Shakti and Shiva or in other words, a union of divinity to divine, and that too where this union happens inside the thousand petalled seventh plexus or crown plexus (or Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) … Thus this topic shall discuss Shakti Shiva Yoga in Brahmarandra or in other words, Shakti Shiva Yoga in Sahasrara … Brahmarandra or Sahasrara is the seventh chakra of Yoga and is also the seventh sky […]

Aghora, Sookshma Sharira and Manomaye Kosha

VV … This part is to discuss the relationship of Aghora face of Shiva to subtle vehicle or Sookshma Sharira or astral vehicle or subtle body and its relation to mind sheath (Manomaye Kosha) … Then also discuss its travel, which is also termed as Astral travel or Sookshma Sharira Gaman … Sookshma Sharira means the subtle body or astral body or astral vehicle or subtle vehicle which is present in each aspirant … This is also termed as the Linga […]

Realization of Akasha Brahma or Akash Brahma whilst mind body is stationed at Aghora or Ahum Naad

Aghora from Akasha Mahabhoot

This topic is to discuss the Aghora and its relationship to macro-elemental ether or Akasha Mahabhoot or Plane of ether and also briefly relate to a Vedic statement of Akash Brahma or Akasha Brahma … UU-01 … On the printed page of above figure was painted the painted the first figure of this topic on Ahum Naad … This figure is when the mind which as such is the main component of the astral body (which also means as a […]

Emanation of macrocosmic attributes from Ahum Naad ....

Aghora and emanation of macrocosmic attributes

TT … This part of the topic is to discuss the emanation of three attributes (i.e. three qualities) which is cognized from within the Ahum Naad itself … Here we shall discuss emanation of macrocosmic attributes and their relation to Vedic statement of Guna Brahma or attributes are Absolute (this also means attributes are a self expression of the Absolute being) … Discussing emanation of macrocosmic attributes from Aghora We have already discussed most of what is depicted in above […]

Aghora and absence of differences

SS-1 … The path of Aghora leads to self-realization of all that ever was, is and could ever be within the Maker’s Makings and this is in addition to the direct cognition of the final pervader and enveloper of allness and her each part (i.e. attributeless infinite being or Brahman) … Thus the path of Aghora is a path of Absolute-fullness of self knowledge … Here we shall discuss Aghora as a path of Absence of differences and thus Aghora […]

Aghora and Mann Brahma

RR) … Aghora we have already discussed to some extent, so this is the furthering of the same discussion … Here we shall discuss the Vedic statement of Mann Brahma or mind is the Absolute (this also means mind is a self expression of the Absolute being) when seen within the self realization of sound of Ahum (Ahum Naad) … This discussion would also be with reference to Purushartha Chatushtaya (i.e. four Purushartha of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) … […]

Aghora and supreme knowledge

This topic is to discuss the fact that Aghora face of Sadashiva itself is the state where an aspirant arrives at supreme knowledge or in other worlds, the aspirant acquires Gyan or Jnana and Gyan Shakti … The word Supreme knowledge means, knowledge of primordial and principal states of Maker’s Makings (which in Sanskrit means the same as  Brahmand) and also the knowledge of the final and thus Absolute pervader of allness (i.e. Brahman) …   Aghora and divinity of […]

Aghora, Apra and Para Prakriti

PP) … Prakriti means nature and nature itself is the mother of all that is as a manifest and non-manifest macrocosm and its each part (i.e. Microcosm) … So within Vedic lore, Mother nature (or Prakriti) was also addressed as Pradhan (Pradhana or principal) … Prakriti is of two main categories, Apra and Para i.e. Manifest nature (or Apra Prakriti) and the beyond nature (or Para Prakriti) … In addition to above, there is also another category but it is […]

Aghora and Swayam Sthiti of Guna

OO) … Guna means attributes … But here is means the three macrocosmic attributes … Swayam Sthiti means self present, self sustaining and self existent … So in this topic we shall be discussing the relationship of Aghora (Ahum Naad) and the self-sustaining nature of the three attributes of macrocosmic creation … These three are attribute of action (i.e. Rajoguna), attribute of inertia (which means as Tamoguna) and attribute of neutrality (which means as Sattva Guna) … Since these attributes are […]

Aghora, Manas and Yoga

This topic is to discuss the relationship of Aghora face of Sadashiva to Manas (or Mind) and path of union or Yoga or  Yoga Tantra … We had also discussed earlier on that mind is an intrinsically unbroken partless-part of Aghora itself …   Nature of Mind or Manas and meaning of Yoga … Mind exists in all three times simultaneously … NN … Manas means mind … Mind exists in all three times and thus it is the better […]

Aghora, form and formless

In reality, form and formless are related to each other  … Form is formless … Formless is form … And both these are only enroute to their union to voidness, from which they had originally originated … Absorption of form and formless into emptiness, is also a path of absence of of form and formless … The end stage of path of absence of of form and formless, is Brahman who is free of both form and formless aspects …  […]

Aghora in later systems

In line with that which is referred many a times within these discussions on Aghora, until this topic it is already pretty clear that Aghora face of Sadashiva is also the base of many knowledge systems that had come by to this world during the last few millenniums … All differences in understandings of concepts of Atta and Anatta in relation to the much earlier concept of Atman and Anatman of Vedas is also related to the same fact of […]

Aghora and eternal life

Eternal means that which has no end and thus is the endless … The endless itself is the beginningless … Unless it is the beginningless, it cannot even be the endless due to the fact that, if it is a begun state, then it would also have an end … That which is endless and beginningless, is the Maker and its Makings … That eternity is attained by eternal body or Sanatan Sharira which itself is the base of eternal […]

Aghora and I Am That I Am

JJ) … In this topic, we shall discuss the relation between the Aghora face of Sadashiva (who was also discussed as the Sound of Ahum or Ahum Naad who is also addressed as Buddha Samantabhadra) to that part of the Biblical lore where the statement of “I Am That I Am” is given … In the Bible there are dozens of places, where the God is addressed as we instead of I … This also proves that pluralism is inherent in […]

Aghora and Aayaam or dimensions

Ayaam (or Aayaam or Ayam) means dimensions … These dimensions are also related to Aghora face of Sadashiva … Every dimension which is listed in any text can broadly be placed within the four primary dimensions (or Chatush Ayaam) of the macrocosmic creation … These four dimensions are as follows … Time … The eternal changeful one and which also ensures an ever change within the other dimensions as well … i.e. Kaal … And its eternal cycles or Kaalchakra […]

Aghora and one moment of eternity …

HH … In this very short topic we shall discuss the dimension of time after an aspirants subtle body (the blue colored subtle vehicle or Sookshma Sharira as was shown in the earlier painting of Ahum Naad) eventually ends up merging to the Aghora face of Sadashiva … Uniting to the condition that was discussed in earlier topic leads to a state where that aspirants mind begins resting in “one moment of eternity” or in other words, entire “eternity in […]

Aghora and Samantabhadra

GG) … Here we shall be discussing the relationship of Buddhist lore to all above discussions … Ahum Naad is same as what was discussed in an earlier topic of Aghora face of Sadashiva, and the same Aghora is also addressed as the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra +++ during some later times of progress of Buddhism … Samantabhadra is also addressed as the Principal amongst Peaceful Buddha’s (I.e. the primordial peaceful Buddha is Samantabhadra) …His consort of Buddha Samantabhadri …   Samantabhadra is […]

Aghora and Ahumkara

Ahumkara (or Ahamkara) is also self realized through Aghora face of Sadashiva … This is as Ahumkara (or Ahamkara) is also a part of Aghora face, which would be discussed here … The painted sketch of earlier topic of “Path of Ahum Naad” is also applicable to this one …   Ahumkara and Aghora FF … In this topic we shall discuss the relationship of Aghora face of Shiva and Ahumkara … The sound of the painted state (of Aghora) […]

Relation of Ahum Naad to Brahmnaad

The origin of Ahum Naad (i.e. Sound of Ahum) is from Brahmanaad (which is the same as what was also told as Makar or Sound of M) … Brahmanaad is also termed as Brahmnaad, Brahma Naad, Brahma Nada, Brahmanadam and Brahm Nada … Thus Ahum Naad is a part of Brahmanaad (or ) … And Brahmanaad itself is a part of OM Naad (or sound of OM) …   Relation of Brahmnaad or Brahmanaad to Ahum Naad  EE …Here we shall discuss […]

Significance of Sound or Naad

DD) … Now we shall discuss the term “Naad or Nada” … This is also known as Shabd or Shabda … Thus Nada Brahman or Nada Brahm or Naas Brahm or Nada Brahma can also be addressed as Shabd Brahm or Shabd Brahma or Shabda Brahma or Shabda Brahman … Naad is Shabd or Shabda which means pure – loud – clear sound … We had already discussed this in brief, so this is a slightly detailed discussion …   Naad or […]

Ahum Naad ... Sound of Ahum

Path of Ahum Naad

In this part we shall discuss the path of sound of macrocosmic and microcosmic I’ness (i.e. Ahum Naad or Aham Naad) and why/how it got corrupted during the last five millenniums as were of the divine degenerate age cycle (Deva Kaliyuga) … We shall also briefly discuss completeness of path of a Vedic Mahavakya, which is of Yajurveda and which was told as Aham Brahmasmi, and which in English means as I Am That , and where the word “That” […]

Aghora face of Sadashiva

Here we shall discuss the Aghora face of Sadashiva, who is also addressed as Aghora face of Shiva and also as Aghora face …     This topic discusses Aghora face of Sadashiva which is also addressed as Aghora face of Shiva, Aghora face or simply as Aghora … Since this is also a very vast topic, so I have divided into a few parts … The state which is depicted in above figure was self-realized many years ago … […]

What Naad Brahm

Within the original state of the Maker’s Makings, everything was naught but an impressional-energy field … That energy field had its own original vibration which as such was of OM Naad (i.e. sound of OM) which shall be discussed at a later stage of this topic itself … And thus OM represented the originality of Naad Brahm (Naad Brahma or Naad Brahman or Nada Brahma or Nada Brahman), due to which Sound of OM was also termed as a Mahamantra […]