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Jivatman travelling to Hiranyagarbha Brahma

Okar … Continues

Okar means the sound of O … This is the middle seed syllable of AOM (or AUM) which is related to the golden womb of macrocosmic creation or Hiranyagarbha Brahma … Okar is also the Karya Brahma or Doer Maker and the Golden egg whose divinity is Parashakti and Tirodhan Shakti …   FF-1 … Okar or Golden egg or Karya Brahma, Tirodhan Shakti and Parashakti … Above figure is denoting a very-very bright golden state in which the subtler vehicle […]

Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva

The painted sketch which was shown in the earlier part of this topic is also applicable to this one … This topic is to discuss the fact that Okar or Ukar or Sound of O which as such is Hiranyagarbha, itself is that who is addressed as Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva, Maheshwara, Ishvara, Amitabha Buddha and Dharmakaya and also as Tatpurusha face of Shiva …   DD-1 … Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva and Okar … Tatpurusha can be self realized by […]

Ukar or Okar ... Hiranyagarbha Brahma ... Tatpurusha ...

Okar … Sound of O

The state depicted by above painting is also a very bright golden colored one and that golden color is surrounded by very bright and bursting rays of orangish red light … But it does not seem so in above painting as the colors have faded over the years that have passed after this figure was painted … Here we shall discuss Okar or Ukar or sound of O as Hiranyagarbha Brahma or Hiranyagarbha or golden womb of creation and as […]