Raam Naad, Prayagraj and Kashi

Lights in the third eye plexus

MM-1 … Kashi and Prayag Raj and their relation to Raam Naad … The same Kashi and Prayagraj is also present inside each aspirant … Above figure describes lights in the third eye plexus which self manifest at that stage where Shakti Shiva Yoga commences inside the third eye plexus … Thus above figure is … Read more

Okar … Continues

Jivatman travelling to Hiranyagarbha Brahma

Okar means the sound of O … This is the middle seed syllable of AOM (or AUM) which is related to the golden womb of macrocosmic creation or Hiranyagarbha Brahma … Okar is also the Karya Brahma or Doer Maker and the Golden egg whose divinity is Parashakti and Tirodhan Shakti …   FF-1 … Okar … Read more

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