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Aghora and one moment of eternity …

HH … In this very short topic we shall discuss the dimension of time after an aspirants subtle body (the blue colored subtle vehicle or Sookshma Sharira as was shown in the earlier painting of Ahum Naad) eventually ends up merging to the Aghora face of Sadashiva … Uniting to the condition that was discussed in earlier topic leads to a state where that aspirants mind begins resting in “one moment of eternity” or in other words, entire “eternity in a single moment” … Such an aspirant becomes the “seer of triple times” …


Meaning of “One moment of eternity”

By this phrase “one moment of eternity” I mean that as far as that aspirants mind sheath (which in Sanskrit lore, is also addressed as Manomaye Kosha) is concerned, the entire eternity is naught but a single moment for it … This leads to a state where the entire eternity shall only seem like a single moment to that aspirant … And thus billions and billions of years would pass by and yet that aspirant would not even know that such a long time has already passed because for such an aspirant “eternity itself rests within a single undivided moment” …


Eternity in one single moment at Aghora face of Shiva

And even when above is a fact, yet such aspirants remember everything that was experienced, seen or witnessed by them within that same “single moment of eternity” in which they have been resting … Such is the condition when the aspirants astral vehicle unites to and thence begins resting in Ahum Naad (i.e. Aghora face of Shiva (who in Buddhist lore’s, is also addressed as Samantabhadra) …

In such a condition, infinite numbers of age cycles can pass by and yet that aspirant would only be resting within the same eternal moment as is of  eternity when the aspirants Astral body (which in Sanskrit language is also called as Sookshma Sharira) is residing in its fuller union to Aghora …  Thus even after resting for eternity, that aspirant would only feel as if one single moment is all that has passed by since that aspirant had entered into a union to Aghora face


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