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Category : Shiva Taraka Naad

Ouroboros as Zero or Shyunya

Raam Naad and Ouroboros

The symbols of this topic are discussed in brief and these discussion is only to the extent that relates to our current discussion … Thus whatever is discussed here is not the end of the story of this concept of Ouroboros … Some deeper discussions on these symbols shall also be taken up in later topics, especially that topic which relates to Kaalchakra or the eternal cycles of time (or the cyclic nature of time or the cyclic nature of […]

Yin Yang accomplishment vehicle

Raam Naad and Body of Christ

Above figure represents the header of this discussion i.e. Body of Christ which gets accomplished only after successful accomplishment of Sound of Raam (or Raam Naad) … This body denotes the accomplishment of being a Brahmic Ayurvedacharya (i.e. a Man of Maker’s Medicine) who can also be termed as a Medicine Buddha … Once accomplished, this Siddha body does not reside in any physical world and thus is proceeds into the subtle realms of the unbegun macrocosm (or in other […]

Yin Yang Union

Raam Naad and Yin Yang Union

Above figure is only a representation of the Yin Yang Union or Yang Yin Union … This figure denotes the eternal union of masculine and feminine principles (or Yang and Yin respectively) to each other and just as this union has been since timeless eternity … But this figure also holds much deeper secrets …   NN-1 … Yin Yang Union … This is the feminine masculine union … Above figure describes this union but within a very subtle way […]

Lights in the third eye plexus

Raam Naad, Prayagraj and Kashi

MM-1 … Kashi and Prayag Raj and their relation to Raam Naad … The same Kashi and Prayagraj is also present inside each aspirant … Above figure describes lights in the third eye plexus which self manifest at that stage where Shakti Shiva Yoga commences inside the third eye plexus … Thus above figure is also denoting the commencement state of self realization of “Raam Naad (which in English means as the Sound of Ram)”, which itself is the Shiva […]

Ardhanarishwara Siddha Sharira

Raam Naad and Nirbija Samadhi

Here we shall discuss Nirbija Samadhi, which means “seedless absorption” or in other words, “absorption in the seedless one (i.e. Supreme being)” … And it is through this seedless absorption that the aspirant attains a freedom from all Samskaras (all impressions) that were earned by the aspirant by virtue of his/her earlier Karma and their merits (Karma Phala), except of course the destined merit (or Prarabdha Karma) of that incarnation in which the Nirbija Samadhi is accomplished … Thus, it […]

Raam Naad and Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara

Above figure is of Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara who is eternally present in the third eye plexus of each aspirant …   KK-1 … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara … Guru Shiva and Guru Maa Shakti Within the third eye plexus, Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara of the Vedic lore is as depicted in above painting … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara is my Gurudeva who resides within me and in my third eye plexus itself … As also is a fact that Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara, who resides within the third eye […]

Shakti Shiva Yoga ... Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga ... Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga ...

Raam Naad and Pranamaye Manomaye Yoga

Above figure denotes Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga i.e. Vital air sheath (Pranamaye Kosha) union to the “Manomaye Kosha (i.e. the Mind sheath) and just as this union happens inside the aspirants physical vehicle (or Annamaye Kosha) itself … This is what leads to the inner rise (i.e. rise within the aspirant’s microcosm) of the Pot of consciousness or the pot of buttery light (These are other names of the same Amrit Kalash, white pot of lighted butter and consciousness pot, […]

Bhadra Bhadri Yoga shown in a Tantric way

Shakti Shiva Yoga and Bhadra Bhadri Yoga

Here we discuss the union of Bhadra to Bhadri by the path of Bhadra Bhadri Yoga (or Bhadri Bhadra Yoga) which is also termed as Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Shiva Shakti Yoga) and also as Samantabhadra Samantabhadri Yoga (or as Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga) … And this can also be termed as Mahadeva Mahadevi Yoga (or union of the Great divine to its own great divinity) …It leads to rise of white pot of lighted butter (or in other words, the […]


Shakti Shiva Yoga in Plexus

This topic describes the Shakti Shiva Yoga (or this can also be told as, Shiva Shakti Yoga) that also happens within the plexus or Chakra … But here I have only described this union of Shakti and Shiva within two chakras i.e. Chakra of Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra) and the crown plexus (Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) because these two Chakras happen to be the final ones where the discussed union of Shakti and Shiva actually takes place (and which […]

Prakriti Purusha Yoga ... Commencement stage ...

Raam Naad and Prakriti Purusha Yoga

Here we shall discuss the two primary aspects of Maker and its Makings … These are told as Prakriti (or matter) or Pradhana (or Primordial or primary) or creation (or feminine principle) and Purusha or Spirit or self or Absolute or eternal or creator (masculine principle) … And their eternally unioned state i.e. Prakriti Purusha Yoga (or Purusha Prakriti Yoga) or simply the union of masculine principle or fatherly principle or the being to its own feminine principle or mother […]

Raam Naad is of Raam Bhadra

Here we discuss Raam Bhadra or Ram Bhadra from the final fact that Ram Bhadra is Atman or in other words Rama is Atman (i.e. your innermost essence or Atman is none other that Lord Rama) …     Raam Naad of Sound of Raam is heard during those stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga when Maa Shakti is uniting to Bhagwan Shiva and where this union itself happens within the aspirants physical vehicle … In Vedas, Shiva is Bhadra and […]

Raam Naad … The base

Here we shall discuss Raam Naad with respect to the fact that vehicle of “Sound of Raam” is the vehicle of Lord Rama and thus it is the Raam Yana or Rama Yana or Taraka Yana … All these are different names of the ever-same fully liberating auspicious vehicle of Lord Rama (or Lord Raam) … And some other aspects would also be discussed here …       In this topic we shall be discussing the Sound of Raam […]

Stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga … Continues

Here we discuss some of the self realizations during Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Raam Naad) such as Amrit Kalash, Pot of nectar, Kumbha, Consciousness pot etc. …   This topic is in continuation from the preceding one …   EE-1 … Rise of the “white pot of lighted butter” … Amrit Kalash, Pot of nectar, Kumbha, Consciousness pot And its relation to Hinduism and the much-much later  Christianity … When the earlier shown figure actually happens, then the white pot […]

Stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga

In this topic we would discuss Shakti Shiva Yoga or Shiva Shakti Yoga or simply Shiva Yoga (Which actually means, Atma Siddhi or accomplishment of or attainment of self realization and union to one’s own innermost essence or Atman) … And their relation to Ecclesiastes 12 of Biblical lore …     Above is the same figure which we had used in the earlier topic … The stages that lead to Shakti Shiva Yoga is as described in above figure […]

Raam Naad ... Kundalini awakening ...

Raam Naad … Across paths

This painted sketch shall also be utilized in later sub-parts of this topic, so keep it at the back of your mind until this set of topics Shiva Taraka Naad finally ends … Here we shall discuss the meanings of words like RA, Ra, Raam, Ram, Lord Ram, Roar of a thousand lions or lion’s roar …   The Base … Above painting depicts the condition which is present inside the physical vehicle during the stage when Raam Naad (Sound […]

What Raam Naad

Raam Naad (or Ram Naad) is the Sound of Raam (or Sound of Ram) which itself is the Taraka Mantra (liberating Mantra) of Bhagwan Shiva … This sound is subtly denoting Bhagwan Ram (or Bhagwan Raam) who is also present as the innermost essence or Atman of each aspirant) … This topic shall discuss the stage of commencement of the process of a final awakening … But the stage which is discussed here is only arrived after passing through a […]

What Shiva Taraka Naad

Here we shall discuss Shiva Taraka Mantra, Taraka Mantra, Taraka Naad, NaMaShiVaYa … But Prior commencing this extremely esoteric and highly secretive knowledge system of any of the triple times, I, the little student bow’s down in all reverence to my Param Gurudeva and Ishta, Bhagwan Shiva …   ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगंधिं पुष्ठिवर्धनम् । ऊर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् ।।   AOM Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam I Urvaarukam Iva Bandanaan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamrtaat II … Mahamrityunjaya Mantra of Rig Veda Samhita […]