Ardhanarishwara Sharira … Sagun Atman

Formless light of Ardhanarishwara in third eye plexus, ... Sagun Atman, Saguna Atman, Saguna Atman

Sagun means Attributed or with attributes … This is of two aspects … First is Sagun Nirakaar Awastha or attributed formless state and second is Sagun Sakaar Awastha or attributed form state (or human form) … Ardhanarishwara Sharira which is being discussed here related to the eternally unioned state of Shakti and Shiva, which is … Read more

Raam Naad and Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara

Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara ... Ardhanarishvara ... Ardhanarishwara ... Ardhanari

Above figure is of Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara (Bhagvan Ardhanarishvara or Ardhanari) who is eternally present in the third eye plexus of each aspirant …   KK-1 … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara … Guru Shiva and Guru Maa Shakti Within the third eye plexus, Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara of the Vedic lore is as depicted in above painting … Bhagwan Ardhanarishwara … Read more

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