Swaroop Stithi … Nirguna

Swaroop Stithi was already discussed earlier on as “resting in union to one’s own essential nature”, which itself relates to Nirguna Brahman (Nirgun Brahman) or Nirguna Brahma (Nirgun Brahma) or Nirguna Brahm (Nirgun Brahm) … But here that essential nature (or Swaroop Stithi) represents a state which itself is beyond the purview’s of the entirety … Read more

Swaroopa Stithi … Brahmand

Here we shall discuss essential nature or Swaroop Stithi which relates to Brahmand … This is the stage when the Pinda (aspirant or microcosm) knows himself (or herself) as macrocosm … This is when the subtle macrocosm (Sookshma Brahmand) which itself is within an aspirant, unites to the outer macrocosm (Sthool Brahmand) and thus the … Read more

Raudri Rudra Yoga … Saguna Swaroop Stithi

Sagun Swaroop Stithi

Here we shall discuss the accomplishment vehicle (or Siddha body) of that state when Rudra unites to Raudri and where this union happens within the aspirants physical vehicle itself … And its relation to Saguna Swaroop Stithi … And this Raudri Rudra Yoga is a path to Vrittihina Awastha or Nishkalank Awastha or afflictionless state, … Read more

Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga

Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga

This topic shall discuss Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga … This is the union of Bhagwan Mahakaal to Maa Mahakaali or or other words, union of Maha Kala (or Mahakal or great time)  to Maha Kali (or or Maa Kali or Mahakali or divinity of great time) …   Important Notice: This is a highly restricted topic … Read more

Vamadeva face of Sadashiva … Vaikunth

Vamadeva face of Sadashiva

Above figure describes the that face of Sadashiva, which is addressed as Vamadeva face of Sadashiva which is also addressed as Vamadeva face of Shiva … This is also addressed as Vaikunth, Vaikuntha, Goloka, Baikunth and Vaikuntham … But prior commencing this topic, I offer salutations to the supreme essence of allness (Paramatman) who also … Read more

Light grey body … Vamadeva Sharira

Light grey body or grey body or Vamadeva Sharira

This is the light grey body (light grey colored accomplishment vehicle) … This is like a smoke colored and a very-very subtle Siddha body i.e. Dhoomra Varna Sharira or a rising smoke like Siddha body … Since this Siddha body relates to Vamadeva, so it also gets finally absorbed (or gets finally dissolved) into Vamadeva … Read more

Akasha Mahabhoot … Ether

Ether or Akasha Mahabhoot union Hiranyagarbha

Above figure depicts Akasha or Akasha Mahabhoot (i.e. macro-elemental ether) whilst it is viewed from within intersection of Hiranyagarbha (golden womb of macrocosmic creation) and macro-elemental ether (Akasha Mahabhoot or Akasha Mahabhuta) … Akasha Sharira or ether body ultimately merges to Akash Mahabhoot … Even the blue gem body merges to the same Akasha Mahabhoot … Read more

Blue gem body and ether body

Blue Gem body and Ether body

In above figure, the upper Siddha body is of ether, but after the ether body has unioned to the golden colored light of Hiranyagarbha Brahma (or Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva) … Thus if you want to know what it would be “prior to” its union to golden colored light of Hiranyagarbha (or Tatpurusha face of … Read more

Guru Sthanam … Shivaloka

Shivaloka ... Guru Sthanam

Above painting is the “Seat of Guru (i.e. Guru Sthanam)” … This is also addressed as Shivaloka (or the divine world of of Lord Shiva) … Above figure describes the state which gets self realized after successfully transiting through all earlier topics … Thus I consider this state as higher than all previously discussed ones … Read more

Ardhanarishwara Sharira … Sagun Atman

Formless light of Ardhanarishwara in third eye plexus, ... Sagun Atman, Saguna Atman, Saguna Atman

Sagun means Attributed or with attributes … This is of two aspects … First is Sagun Nirakaar Awastha or attributed formless state and second is Sagun Sakaar Awastha or attributed form state (or human form) … Ardhanarishwara Sharira which is being discussed here related to the eternally unioned state of Shakti and Shiva, which is … Read more

Sadyojata face of Sadashiva … Brahmaloka

Sadyojata face of Sadashiva

This topic shall discuss Sadyojata face of Sadashiva, who is also addressed as Sadyojata face of Shiva and Sadyojat (or Sadyojata), is the abode of creator (or Brahmaloka) as stated in Vedic lore and this is also the four upper worlds of Brahmaloka, which are told as four Mahabrahma in Buddhist Lore’s … And this … Read more

Diamond white body … Brahma Sharira

Diamond white body at Brahmaloka

This is a Siddha Sharira that gets self manifested after the five vital airs (i.e. Panch Prana) and the five sub-vital airs (i.e. Panch Upa Prana) are already unioned to each other and that too whilst these vital airs are within their macro-neutral state to each other … Thus, this diamond white body denotes the … Read more

World of light pink body … Avyakta

Avyakta Prakriti ... Maya Shakti ... Avyakta Prana

The pink world as is depicted in above painting is also termed as Avyakta, Avyakta Prakriti, Avyakta Prana, Maya, Maya Shakti, Tusita Loka, etc. … This is where the light pink body of the preceding topic eventually merges and then that light pink body also loses its earlier human shape (i.e. it becomes formless) … … Read more

Light pink body … Avyakta Sharira

Light pink body ... Avyakta Sharira

This topic shall discuss the light pink body or Avyakta Sharira (or the siddha body of Avyakta) or Maya Sharira or Tathagata Sharira … Above painting describes the very-light-colored-pink accomplishment vehicle (or Siddha body) of our discussion … This Siddha body is a proof of arrival of an aspirant at Avyakta Prakriti (the non-manifest, non-present … Read more

Tawny body … Pingala Sharira

Pingala Sharira ... Tawny body

Above painted sketch is of Tawny colored Siddha body (or red-brown body or tawny body) and thus it is the Pingala Sharira … This is a Tawny colored body and it can also be called as Pingala Sharira … This is also the Siddha Sharira which relates to Bhagwan Natraja Shiva (or Bhagwan Nataraja aspect … Read more

Krishna Pingalam Sharira … Rudra body

Krishna Pingalam Sharira ... Rudra Body

Above figure describes the Krishna Pingalam Sharira or Rudra Body or Rudra Sharira … This is a the dark tawny siddha body (or accomplishment vehicle) … This accomplishment vehicle is of Rudra Deva i.e. the aspirant who holds this accomplishment vehicle, is the one who has already attained to Rudra …   II-1 … What … Read more

World of crimson red body … Surya Loka

Surya Loka ... Divine world of Sun God

Above painting describes the Surya Loka or the divine world of the solar deity (or divine world of Surya Deva) … This topic shall discuss the Surya Loka or Sun world and Sun God or Solar deity, who itself is the greatest healer in this part of the universe … A reflection of this divine … Read more

Crimson red body … Surya Sharira

Crimson red Siddha body ... Surya Sharira

Above figure describes the crimson red body or Surya Sharira or Solar vehicle… But after this figure was painted a few years back, the crimson red color is no longer crimson …   HH-1 … Manifestation of the crimson red body or Solar vehicle or Surya Sharira … Soon after the successful transit of the … Read more

Siddha Sharira and Siddha Loka

In this topic we shall discuss the terms like Siddha, Siddha Sharira, Siddha body, Siddha Loka and Siddha world … Siddha means a fully accomplished one i.e. a sage who has accomplished all that is needed to be accomplished and there remains nothing more to be ever attained by that sage … For any Siddha, … Read more

Bodhichitta … Nirvana

Bodhichitta ... Union of Buddhi and Chitta

Above figure denotes the self manifestation of Bodhichitta within the aspirant’s microcosm itself … Bodhichitta is made of two words, Bodhi means knowledge (or enlightenment and it also means an direct cognition of truth, awakening, etc.) and here the term Chitta means consciousness … Thus the union of knowledge to consciousness is Bodhichitta … In … Read more

Antahkarana Chatushtaya … Bliss sheath

Antahkarana Chatushtaya or fourfold inner subtle tool

Above figure describes Antahkarana Chatushtaya of our current discussion … Antahkarana Chatushtaya is also termed as Bliss body, Bliss sheath, Causal body, Anandmaye Kosha and is also written as Anandamaya Kosha and as Anandmaya Kosha… Ultimately the outermost orb is found to be of very vast expanses and due to this reason; it has been … Read more

Knowledge sheath … Vijyanmaye Kosha

Knowledge body ... Vijyanmaye Kosha

This topic is also a part of the earlier one of Pancha Kosha, which in English language means as the five sheaths … This topic shall discuss the Sanskrit term of Vijyanmaye Kosha or Vijyanamaya Kosha, which means intellect sheath or Knowledge sheath, Buddhi, Vijnana, Vijyana and knowledge. And also discuss it’s final realization which … Read more

Mind Sheath … Manomaye Kosha

Manomaya Kosha or Manomaye Kosha or Mind sheath prior entering into emptiness

Since this is a very vast topic so out of no choice I shall be keeping it as brief as is reasonably possible, but without compromising on the main aspects … This topic shall discuss Manomaye Kosha (or Manomaya Kosha), which means the Mind sheath or simply the Mind body and which itself is as … Read more

Vital air sheath … Pranamaye Kosha

Pranamaye Kosha ... Vital air sheath

This is a part of Pancha Kosha (which in simple words, means five sheaths) … Since this is also a very vast discussion if I were to discuss it fully, so out of no choice and to save a few hundred plus pages of writing on the vital air sheath (Pranamaye Kosha) I shall be … Read more

Five sheaths … Pancha Kosha

Pancha Kosha or Panchakosha means five sheaths … These five sheaths are of Annamaye Kosha (or food sheath or physical body), Pranamaye Kosha (or the vitality sheath or vital air sheath), Manomaye Kosha (or the body of mind or Mind sheath or mind vehicle), Vijyanmaye Kosha (or the body of knowledge or knowledge sheath or … Read more

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