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Swaroop Stithi … Nirguna

Swaroop Stithi was already discussed earlier on as “resting in union to one’s own essential nature” … But here that essential nature (or Swaroop Stithi) represents a state which itself is beyond the purview’s of the entirety of Maker’s Makings … This is because here Swaroop Stithi only means a stage of resting the attributeless infinite Absolute being (Nirgun Nirakaar or Brahman) … This discussion shall also be without a painted sketch because the attributeless infinite Absolute being cannot even […]

Swaroopa Stithi … Brahmand

Here we shall discuss essential nature or Swaroop Stithi which relates to Brahmand … This is the stage when the Pinda (aspirant) knows himself (or herself) as macrocosm … This is when the subtle macrocosm (Sookshma Brahmand) which itself is within an aspirant, unites to the outer macrocosm (Brahmand) and thus the aspirant comes to that in reality, the microcosm is macrocosm and thus the realizer also knows that Aspirant is macrocosm (i.e. entirety of Maker’s Makings or multi-universes are […]

Sagun Swaroop Stithi

Raudri Rudra Yoga … Saguna Swaroop Stithi

Here we shall discuss the accomplishment vehicle (or Siddha body) of that state when Rudra unites to Raudri and where this union happens within the aspirants physical vehicle itself … And its relation to Saguna Swaroop Stithi … And this Raudri Rudra Yoga is a path to Vrittihina Awastha or Nishkalank Awastha or afflictionless state, which itself is of Atma Stithi, which means as “resting in union to and only as” one’s own innermost essence (or Atman) …   Explaining […]

Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga

Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga

This topic shall discuss Mahakaali Mahakaal Yoga … This is the union of Bhagwan Mahakaal to Maa Mahakaali or or other words, union of Maha Kala (or Mahakal or great time)  to Maha Kali (or or Maa Kali or Mahakali or divinity of great time) …   Important Notice: This is a highly restricted topic for all those who do not comply with whatever was discussed in the earlier topic (of “Restricted topics”, click on this link to read it […]

Vamadeva face of Sadashiva

Vamadeva face of Sadashiva … Vaikunth

Above figure describes the that face of Sadashiva, which is addressed as Vamadeva face of Sadashiva which is also addressed as Vamadeva face of Shiva … This is also addressed as Vaikunth, Vaikuntha, Goloka, Baikunth and Vaikuntham … But prior commencing this topic, I offer salutations to the supreme essence of allness (Paramatman) who also happens to be my eternal guide (Sanatan Gurudeva Sriman Naaraayana) and who self manifests in a human form as Sri Bhagwan Vishnu whilst eternally resting […]

Light grey body or grey body or Vamadeva Sharira

Light grey body … Vamadeva Sharira

This is the light grey body (light grey colored accomplishment vehicle) … This is like a smoke colored and a very-very subtle Siddha body i.e. Dhoomra Varna Sharira or a rising smoke like Siddha body … Since this Siddha body relates to Vamadeva, so it also gets finally absorbed (or gets finally dissolved) into Vamadeva face of Sadashiva … So, due to this reason, it can also be called as Vamadeva Sharira … It is denoting the self manifestation of […]

Ether or Akasha Mahabhoot union Hiranyagarbha

Akasha Mahabhoot … Ether

Above figure depicts Akasha or Akasha Mahabhoot (i.e. macro-elemental ether) whilst it is viewed from within intersection of Hiranyagarbha (golden womb of macrocosmic creation) and macro-elemental ether (Akasha Mahabhoot) … Akasha Sharira or ether body ultimately merges to Akash Mahabhoot … Even the blue gem body merges to the same Akash Mahabhoot only … And after this stage of union to ether, both these bodies eventually enter into the middle orb of above figure and become permanently absorbed there … […]

Blue Gem body and Ether body

Blue gem body and ether body

In above figure, the upper Siddha body is of ether, but after the ether body has unioned to the golden colored light of Hiranyagarbha Brahma (or Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva) … Thus if you want to know what it would be “prior to” its union to golden colored light of Hiranyagarbha (or Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva, who is also called as Karya Brahma), then just imagine it without golden lighted specs within it (as it is shown in above painting) […]