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Category : Panch Kosha …Five sheaths

Antahkarana Chatushtaya or fourfold inner subtle tool

Antahkarana Chatushtaya … Bliss sheath

Above figure describes Antahkarana Chatushtaya of our current discussion … Antahkarana Chatushtaya is also termed as Bliss body, Bliss sheath, Causal body, Anandmaye Kosha and is also written as Anandamaya Kosha and as Anandmaya Kosha… Ultimately the outermost orb is found to be of very vast expanses and due to this reason; it has been painted such in above figure … This is the final layer of illusion that need to be crossed over so as to self realize your […]

Knowledge body ... Vijyanmaye Kosha

Knowledge sheath … Vijyanmaye Kosha

This topic is also a part of the earlier one of Pancha Kosha, which in English language means as the five sheaths … This topic shall discuss the Sanskrit term of Vijyanmaye Kosha or Vijyanamaya Kosha, which means intellect sheath or Knowledge sheath, Buddhi, Vijnana, Vijyana and knowledge. And also discuss it’s final realization which itself  is of Jnana Brahma or Gyan Brahma or Knowledge is Absolute …   DD-1-A … Regarding above figure … Above figure is of the […]

Manomaya Kosha or Manomaye Kosha or Mind sheath prior entering into emptiness

Mind Sheath … Manomaye Kosha

Since this is a very vast topic so out of no choice I shall be keeping it as brief as is reasonably possible, but without compromising on the main aspects … This topic shall discuss Manomaye Kosha (or Manomaya Kosha), which means the Mind sheath or simply the Mind body and which itself is as Shiva (or auspiciousness) within each aspirant … But where this auspiciousness (or Shiva) only manifests after the mind is freed of all its “natural afflictions […]

Pranamaye Kosha ... Pranamaya Kosha ... Vital air sheath

Vital air sheath … Pranamaye Kosha

This is a part of Pancha Kosha (which in simple words, means five sheaths) … Since this is also a very vast discussion if I were to discuss it fully, so out of no choice and to save a few hundred plus pages of writing on the vital air sheath (Pranamaye Kosha) I shall be keeping it as brief as is reasonably possible, but without compromising on the main things which cannot be avoided in our discussions … Pranamaya Kosha […]

Five sheaths … Pancha Kosha

Pancha Kosha or Panchakosha means five sheaths … These five sheaths are of Annamaye Kosha (or food sheath or physical body), Pranamaye Kosha (or the vitality sheath or vital air sheath), Manomaye Kosha (or the body of mind or Mind sheath or mind vehicle), Vijyanmaye Kosha (or the body of knowledge or knowledge sheath or the vehicle of knowledge) and Anandmaye Kosha (or Bliss sheath or causal body or Antahkarana Chatushtaya) … Of these five sheaths, the latter four shall […]