Vamadeva face of Sadashiva … Vaikunth

Vamadeva face of Sadashiva

Above figure describes the that face of Sadashiva, which is addressed as Vamadeva face of Sadashiva which is also addressed as Vamadeva face of Shiva … This is also addressed as Vaikunth, Vaikuntha, Goloka, Baikunth and Vaikuntham … But prior commencing this topic, I offer salutations to the supreme essence of allness (Paramatman) who also … Read more

Akasha Mahabhoot … Ether

Ether or Akasha Mahabhoot union Hiranyagarbha

Above figure depicts Akasha or Akasha Mahabhoot (i.e. macro-elemental ether) whilst it is viewed from within intersection of Hiranyagarbha (golden womb of macrocosmic creation) and macro-elemental ether (Akasha Mahabhoot or Akasha Mahabhuta) … Akasha Sharira or ether body ultimately merges to Akash Mahabhoot … Even the blue gem body merges to the same Akasha Mahabhoot … Read more

Guru Sthanam … Shivaloka

Shivaloka ... Guru Sthanam

Above painting is the “Seat of Guru (i.e. Guru Sthanam)” … This is also addressed as Shivaloka (or the divine world of of Lord Shiva) … Above figure describes the state which gets self realized after successfully transiting through all earlier topics … Thus I consider this state as higher than all previously discussed ones … Read more

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