Akasha Mahabhoot … Ether

Ether or Akasha Mahabhoot union Hiranyagarbha

Above figure depicts Akasha or Akasha Mahabhoot (i.e. macro-elemental ether) whilst it is viewed from within intersection of Hiranyagarbha (golden womb of macrocosmic creation) and macro-elemental ether (Akasha Mahabhoot or Akasha Mahabhuta) … Akasha Sharira or ether body ultimately merges to Akash Mahabhoot … Even the blue gem body merges to the same Akasha Mahabhoot … Read more

Aghora from Akasha Mahabhoot

Realization of Akasha Brahma or Akash Brahma whilst mind body is stationed at Aghora or Ahum Naad

This topic is to discuss the Aghora and its relationship to macro-elemental ether or Akasha Mahabhoot or Plane of ether and also briefly relate to a Vedic statement of Akash Brahma or Akasha Brahma … UU-01 … On the printed page of above figure was painted the painted the first figure of this topic on … Read more

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