Raudri Rudra Yoga … Saguna Swaroop Stithi

Sagun Swaroop Stithi

Here we shall discuss the accomplishment vehicle (or Siddha body) of that state when Rudra unites to Raudri and where this union happens within the aspirants physical vehicle itself … And its relation to Saguna Swaroop Stithi … And this Raudri Rudra Yoga is a path to Vrittihina Awastha or Nishkalank Awastha or afflictionless state, … Read more

Omkar … Sound of OM

Omkar ... OM ...

AA … What this topic …  In this topic we shall be discussing the following … OM Naad … Sound of OM or AOM or AUM … The state of Omkar (i.e. the state of symbol and sound of OM) … This is inside the brain of each aspirant and its corresponding principal state is also … Read more

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