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Akar, Okar, Makar, Omkar and Prajnaparamita Mantra

OM and Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Patanjali Yoga Sutras eventually lead to an inner realization of Akar, Viraat, Vishva, Agni, Okar, Hiranyagarbha, Tejas, Vayu, Makar, Ishvara, Prajna , Aditya, Chetan Tattva & OM … All above and more aspects (as discussed in this topic) are eternally present inside each aspirants physical microcosm (physical body) itself and where this presence is in a subtle impressional state (Sookshma Samskarik Awastha) … And this is what would be discussed here …       My father had kept collecting […]

OM and Prajnaparamita Mantra

Here we shall discuss Buddha Prajnaparamita, Prajnaparamita Mantra and some other aspects regarding  Prajnaparamita …     Above painting is describing the complete state of OM Naad i.e. the complete state of travel and further self realization of Akar, then the travel and self realization of Okar (Ukar) and then the travel and self realization of Makar and then finally to Omkar which have been discussed till now … And it is to this completeness of self realization (or travel […]

Omkar ... OM ...

Omkar … Sound of OM

AA … What this topic …  In this topic we shall be discussing the following … OM Naad … Sound of OM or AOM or AUM … The state of Omkar (i.e. the state of symbol and sound of OM) … This is inside the brain of each aspirant and its corresponding principal state is also within the macrocosmic creation … Pristine element of Maker (i.e. Brahma Tattva or Brahmatattva) … This is the pristine elemental state of Maker’s Makings and […]

Makar ... Three pristine jewels

Makar … Sound of M

In this topic we shall be discussing Makar or sound of M (of AOM Naad or AUM Naad) … And the discussions within this topic shall be within purviews of Brahmatattva or Brahma Tattva which means “pristine element of Maker’s Makings” and which the Jivatman realizes within purviews of the Vedic statement of “OM Tat Sat”, that means OM, Thou Art Truth” which itself is arrived within the Shuddha Chetan Tattva that is just beyond the Makar of our current […]

Jivatman travelling to Hiranyagarbha Brahma

Okar … Continues

Okar means the sound of O … This is the middle seed syllable of AOM (or AUM) which is related to the golden womb of macrocosmic creation or Hiranyagarbha Brahma … Okar is also the Karya Brahma or Doer Maker and the Golden egg whose divinity is Parashakti and Tirodhan Shakti …   FF-1 … Okar or Golden egg or Karya Brahma, Tirodhan Shakti and Parashakti … Above figure is denoting a very-very bright golden state in which the subtler vehicle […]

Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva

The painted sketch which was shown in the earlier part of this topic is also applicable to this one … This topic is to discuss the fact that Okar or Ukar or Sound of O which as such is Hiranyagarbha, itself is that who is addressed as Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva, Maheshwara, Ishvara, Amitabha Buddha and Dharmakaya and also as Tatpurusha face of Shiva …   DD-1 … Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva and Okar … Tatpurusha can be self realized by […]

Ukar or Okar ... Hiranyagarbha Brahma ... Tatpurusha ...

Okar … Sound of O

The state depicted by above painting is also a very bright golden colored one and that golden color is surrounded by very bright and bursting rays of orangish red light … But it does not seem so in above painting as the colors have faded over the years that have passed after this figure was painted … Here we shall discuss Okar or Ukar or sound of O as Hiranyagarbha Brahma or Hiranyagarbha or golden womb of creation and as […]

After arriving at Akar ... Ishvari, Gayatri Savitri principle

After stationed at Akar

Here we discuss Akar or Golden mother, Gayatri Savitri principle, Ishvari and also as Savitri principle  … state which is depicted in above painting is a very-very brightly lighted golden colored one and is like a million suns shining at the same time and due to this reason the aspirants travelling conscious vehicle (i.e. the vehicle which self realizes the painted state) also gets temporarily blinded as soon as it enters the sphere of the Golden mother as depicted in […]

Proceeding towards Akar

Here we shall discuss the stages which are prior Akar is arrived, when the aspirants consciousness is still proceeding towards Akar and just prior arrival at Akar (i.e. Sound of A) when the aspirants subtler vehicle travels in a position which is like Shashwat Pranam as discussed below …     Above painting denotes the state in which she is visible prior entering her sphere … This state is of a very bright golden color, but due to this painting […]

Akar … Continues

Here we discuss Self realization of Akar, Path to Akar and Reason for Akar … We have already discussed in the previous sub-part of this topic that the sound of this state is of the letter “A” of Sanskrit language … Thus she represents the “A Naad (or the sound of A)” which itself represents the first letter of the macrocosmic language (i.e. Samskrit) … Thus when the aspirants subtler vehicle is at her sphere (the aspirants accomplishment vehicle which […]

Akar ... Prior arrival at her sphere ...

Akar … Sound of A

Since this discussion is also a pretty vast one, so it is divided into a few parts … Akar is the Sound of A (i.e. letter A of Sanskrit language) and it also denotes Devi Maa Gayatri in addition to denoting Woman of Apocalypse and Mother Mary of Christian lore’s and Yellow Kachina of Native American lore’s … She also is the eternal consort of Hiranyagarbha (or golden womb of creation) … The deity shown in above painting is my […]

What OM Naad

We shall now commence our discussions on OM Naad (Sound of OM) which also relate to Vedic Beeja Mantra, Brahmlingam, Vedic Beeja Brahm and Atma Lingam … This discussion is not exhaustive by any means as I have only listed a few of the aspects of OM and not the whole lot of them … The knowledge of OM, its symbol and sound was even there during my much-much earlier incarnations when none of the knowledge systems which came by […]

Brahmpath … The Last Path

From this topic onwards and until we reach a much later stage where the mega statement (i.e. Mahavakya) of Vedas are discussed in all reasonable details, is the Brahmanpath or Brahma Path or Brahmpath (i.e. the Last Path or final path) … Thus this topic shall remain valid till the time when we enter into the discussions on the much later topic where the  great statements (i.e. Mahavakya) of Vedas are detailed …   AA … What is Brahmpath … […]