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After arriving at Akar ... Ishvari, Gayatri Savitri principle

After stationed at Akar

Here we discuss Akar or Golden mother, Gayatri Savitri principle, Ishvari and also as Savitri principle  … state which is depicted in above painting is a very-very brightly lighted golden colored one and is like a million suns shining at the same time and due to this reason the aspirants travelling conscious vehicle (i.e. the vehicle which self realizes the painted state) also gets temporarily blinded as soon as it enters the sphere of the Golden mother as depicted in […]

Proceeding towards Akar

Here we shall discuss the stages which are prior Akar is arrived, when the aspirants consciousness is still proceeding towards Akar and just prior arrival at Akar (i.e. Sound of A) when the aspirants subtler vehicle travels in a position which is like Shashwat Pranam as discussed below …     Above painting denotes the state in which she is visible prior entering her sphere … This state is of a very bright golden color, but due to this painting […]

Akar … Continues

Here we discuss Self realization of Akar, Path to Akar and Reason for Akar … We have already discussed in the previous sub-part of this topic that the sound of this state is of the letter “A” of Sanskrit language … Thus she represents the “A Naad (or the sound of A)” which itself represents the first letter of the macrocosmic language (i.e. Samskrit) … Thus when the aspirants subtler vehicle is at her sphere (the aspirants accomplishment vehicle which […]

Akar ... Prior arrival at her sphere ...

Akar … Sound of A

Since this discussion is also a pretty vast one, so it is divided into a few parts … Akar is the Sound of A (i.e. letter A of Sanskrit language) and it also denotes Devi Maa Gayatri in addition to denoting Woman of Apocalypse and Mother Mary of Christian lore’s and Yellow Kachina of Native American lore’s … She also is the eternal consort of Hiranyagarbha (or golden womb of creation) … The deity shown in above painting is my […]