After stationed at Akar

After arriving at Akar ... Ishvari, Gayatri Savitri principle

Here we discuss Akar or Golden mother, Gayatri Savitri principle, Ishvari and also as Savitri principle  … state which is depicted in above painting is a very-very brightly lighted golden colored one and is like a million suns shining at the same time and due to this reason the aspirants travelling conscious vehicle (i.e. the … Read more

Akar … Sound of A

Akar ... Prior arrival at her sphere ...

Since this discussion is also a pretty vast one, so it is divided into a few parts … Akar is the Sound of A (i.e. letter A of Sanskrit language) and it also denotes Devi Maa Gayatri in addition to denoting Woman of Apocalypse and Mother Mary of Christian lore’s and Yellow Kachina of Native … Read more

Process of transmigration

Here we shall discuss the subtle process of transmigration of soul or path of transmigration and with reference to those aspects which relate to disconnecting the original inhabitant of the physical vehicle to the physical vehicle and then connecting the transmigrating one to the physical vehicle of the donor … This is the most critical … Read more

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