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Deferred discussions

MM) … Following topics which relate to our discussion on “transmigration of soul” are deferred discussions as their base-knowledge needs to be laid down prior these can even be discussed … This is as there is a direct relation of transmigration to these deferred discussions … Transmigration (which is loosely termed as Virgin Birth) and Kaalchakra i.e. relationship of transmigration to Kaalchakra (i.e. cyclic nature of time) … Transmigration (which in Sanskrit language is called as Parkaya Pravesh) and Parampara […]

Helpers and other specifics …

It is not possible to undergo through the process of transmigration without helpers … Thus if there is a transmigration, then for it to be successful there have to be helpers of transmigration … Transmigration is loosely termed as Virgin Birth … The evolutionary standing of helpers is directly related to the evolutionary standing of the one who is transmigrating … In any other way, transmigration of soul would only be a disaster for the one who transmigrates and also for the […]

Some other aspects

JJ … Here we shall discuss some of the other aspects that relate to transmigration of soul such as donor of physical vehicle and evolutionary status of donor and transmigrating one, stages and preparation for transmigration of soul … All these are relate to the process of transmigration …   Availability of a donor of physical vehicle during preparation for transmigration of soul JJ-1 … When that entity descends to the subtler components of that plane of existence on whose […]

What, How, When, Where

GG … Here we shall discuss the what, how, when and where of transmigration and especially the discussion on “when does transmigration happen” and the condition that arrives “after transmigration” is completed … Here we shall discuss when does transmigration happen and after transmigration completes …. Transmigration (which is loosely termed as Virgin Birth) is a process which needs the following minimum conditions to be met up with prior any entity can leave its current subtler (higher) plane and enter […]

Process of transmigration

Here we shall discuss the subtle process of transmigration of soul or path of transmigration and with reference to those aspects which relate to disconnecting the original inhabitant of the physical vehicle to the physical vehicle and then connecting the transmigrating one to the physical vehicle of the donor … This is the most critical part as error in this can lead to death of the physical vehicle …   EE … Process of transmigration of soul … Now we […]

Change of entities

Now we shall discuss some of the aspects of transmigration which relate to the change of entities who occupy a physical vehicle … CC … This change of entities of the physical vehicle (which was of the little child) was as per an earlier agreement between the donor (i.e. the little child) and the occupier (i.e. the little student who writes this text) … As per that agreement, the little child (i.e. the donor) was to leave his own physical […]

Transmigration of soul

As it happened

Since this topic is on transmigration of soul and is a pretty vast one, so I have divided it into parts … Some paintings of this text are quite old, so some of these paintings have gotten damaged during those long years that have passed after these were painted … This is one of those paintings …   AA … As it happened back then … Golden mother … This happened in summer of 1981-1984 while the mangoes were still […]

What is transmigration

Now I shall briefly discuss as to what is transmigration or Parkaya Pravesh … This is also called as Virgin Birth …   What is Transmigration or Virgin Birth … Transmigration is the process of taking over an already fully developed physical body by virtue of going beyond the evolutionary standing by which a regular birth (i.e. birth from the womb) is possible … Transmigration of soul was thus also termed (or called) as Parkaya Pravesh … This was also told […]

A short note

I begin this topic with a short note to clarify one aspect of “Not This Not This (Neti Neti)” which relates to this discussion so it leaves no doubt whatsoever for future interpretations of this and any further topic … At the outset I tell this very clearly that irrespective of many coincidences of a few topics of this text to many scripture (which I read at a much later time after writing this and the other topics) I am not […]