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Category : Vedic Mahavakya … Vedic Great Statements

आत्मवाणी … Voice of soul

 आत्मवाणी … Atmavani … Atma Vani … The Voice of soul  … The sound of soul … The song of soul …   AA … आत्मवाणी … Atmavani … Voice of soul … यह आत्मवाणी, आत्मा की ही वाणी है। यह आत्मा के ब्रह्मरूप का ही दर्शन है। यह आत्मा के शब्द हैं, आत्मदर्शन हैं, ज्ञानरूप हैं, आत्म ज्ञान का मार्ग हैं, योग मार्ग का विषय हैं और वेदों का गंतव्य ही हैं। Translation: This Atma Vaani is the voice […]

Shivohum … Shiva Am I

शिवोऽहम् or Shivohum or Shivoham means Shiva Am I or I Am Shiva … This is as told within the text of Nirvana Shatakam (or Atma Shatakam) …   शिवोऽहम् Shivohum … Shivoham Shiva Am I … I Am Shiva   I could not find a better end to this particular part of the text which deals with self-realization and that too whilst an aspirant only walks those highly hidden and thus secretive inward paths, “Himself within Himself (or Herself […]

Sohum … So Am I

When सोऽहम् is written in English, then it becomes as Soham, So-Aham and Sohum, which means So Am I, I Am He, and it relates to the Yogic Swan or Hamsa who itself is the supreme Swan or Paramhamsa …     सोऽहम् Sohum … Soham … So-Aham So Am I … I Am He … I Am That … I Am IT … I Am Brahman   Here also, the word “I” is referring to the innermost essence (or […]

Ayam Atma Brahma … This Is That

अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म is a Vedic Mahavakya of Atharvaveda, which in English can be written means Ayam Atma Brahma, Ayam Atman Brahm and Ayam Atman Brahman … IT means This Is That, Atman is Brahm and Atman is Brahman or in other words, This (Atman) is Supreme (Brahman) …   अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म Ayam Atma Brahma … Ayam Atman Brahman This Is That … This Atman Is Brahman … Atman is Brahman    When spoken, this is as Ayam Atman […]

Tat Twam Asi … That Thou Are

तत्त्वमसि is a Mahavakya of Samaveda, which when written in English Language is Tat Twam Asi, Tat Tvam Asi and TatTvamAsi and which means  That Thou Are, Thou Are That and You Are That … And where the word “That” means the Supreme being (or Brahman) …   तत्त्वमसि Tat Twam Asi … Tat Tvam Asi … TatTvamAsi … That Thou Are … Thou Are That … You Are That …   When spoken, this is as Tat Tvam Asi […]

Aham Brahmasmi … I Am That

अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि is a Mahavakya of Yajurveda, which in English language can be written as Aham Brahmasmi and Ahum Brahmasmi, which means as “I Am That” or in other words, “I Am Brahman” and “My Atman is Brahman” …   अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि Aham Brahmasmi … Or … Ahum Brahmasmi  I Am That I Am Brahman    In English language, this can also be written as Ahum Brahmasmi, Aham Brahmasmi and also as Aham BrahmAsmi … This is the essence of […]

Prajnanam Brahma … Self Luminous is That

This topic shall discuss the Vedic Mahavakya of  प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म … प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म can be written in English language as “Prajnanam Brahma”, that translates to “Self luminous is That” … “That” as is written here, means, the Supreme being, who itself is as the aspirants innermost essence (or Atman) …   प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म Prajnanam Brahm Self luminous is That Self luminous is Brahman Brahman is self luminous being     This is the essence of Rigveda whose seat in this […]

What is a Mahavakya

Mahavakya or Maha Vakya means Great Statement or a Mega Statement … This part of the text is written as per instructions of the unbegun macrocosm (Sanatan Brahmand or Achalit Brahmand) who is also addressed as Bhagwan Pashupatinath (Lord of macrocosmic speciology) of Vedas and is also addressed as Holy-father (Lord of sheep) in Biblical lore’s … I did not want to write this topic, but eventually ran out of choices because Bhagwan Pashupatinath is one of those many self-manifestations […]