Principle of plane of knowledge … Vijyanmaya Kaya

Plane of knowledge ... Vijyanmaya Kaya ... Indra Loka, Indraloka, Heaven of Indra

Here we would discuss plane of cosmic knowledge (plane of knowledge or Vijyanmaya Kaya) of macrocosmic creation and some of its parts … This is the knowledge principle of Makers Makings … This is Buddhi Kaya, which as such is Indra Loka (Indraloka) which means abode of Devaraja Indra … This topic can also be … Read more

Prajnanam Brahma … Self Luminous is That

This topic shall discuss the Vedic Mahavakya of  प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म … प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म can be written in English language as “Prajnanam Brahma”, that translates to “Self luminous is That” … “That” as is written here, means, the Supreme being, who itself is as the aspirants innermost essence (or Atman) …   प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म Prajnanam Brahm … Read more

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