Principle of plane of cosmic consciousness … Chitta Kaya

Consciousness, ... Chitta, ... Plane of consciousness, ... Chitta Kaya, ... Chitta Siddhanta, ... Conscious principle

Here we would discuss the cosmic plane of consciousness (i.e. Plane of cosmic consciousness or Chitta Kaya or Mahat Chitta or Principle of consciousness or the conscious principle) … And here we would also discuss most of the aspects that relate to this topics header, “plane of macrocosmic consciousness” and its study, like the one … Read more

What, How, When, Where

GG … Here we shall discuss the what, how, when and where of transmigration and especially the discussion on “when does transmigration happen” and the condition that arrives “after transmigration” is completed … Here we shall discuss when does transmigration happen and after transmigration completes …. Transmigration (which is loosely termed as Virgin Birth) is … Read more

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