Raam Naad is of Raam Bhadra

Here we discuss Raam Bhadra or Ram Bhadra from the final fact that Ram Bhadra is Atman or in other words Rama is Atman (i.e. your innermost essence or Atman is none other that Lord Rama) …     Raam Naad of Sound of Raam is heard during those stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga when … Read more

Raam Naad … Across paths

Raam Naad ... Kundalini awakening ...

This painted sketch shall also be utilized in later sub-parts of this topic, so keep it at the back of your mind until this set of topics Shiva Taraka Naad finally ends … Here we shall discuss the meanings of words like RA, Ra, Raam, Ram, Lord Ram, Roar of a thousand lions or lion’s … Read more

What Raam Naad

Raam Naad (or Ram Naad) is the Sound of Raam (or Sound of Ram) which itself is the Taraka Mantra (liberating Mantra) of Bhagwan Shiva … This sound is subtly denoting Bhagwan Ram (or Bhagwan Raam) who is also present as the innermost essence or Atman of each aspirant) … This topic shall discuss the … Read more

What Shiva Taraka Naad

Here we shall discuss Shiva Taraka Mantra, Taraka Mantra, Taraka Naad, NaMaShiVaYa (or NaMaSiVaYa) … But Prior commencing this extremely esoteric and highly secretive knowledge system of any of the triple times, I, the little student bow’s down in all reverence to my Param Gurudeva and Ishta, Bhagwan Shiva …   ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगंधिं … Read more

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