Raam Naad is of Raam Bhadra

Here we discuss Raam Bhadra or Ram Bhadra from the final fact that Ram Bhadra is Atman or in other words Rama is Atman (i.e. your innermost essence or Atman is none other that Lord Rama) …     Raam Naad of Sound of Raam is heard during those stages of Shakti Shiva Yoga when … Read more

Raam Naad … The base

Here we shall discuss Raam Naad with respect to the fact that vehicle of “Sound of Raam” is the vehicle of Lord Rama and thus it is the Raam Yana or Rama Yana or Taraka Yana … All these are different names of the ever-same fully liberating auspicious vehicle of Lord Rama (or Lord Raam) … Read more

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