Raam Naad and Pranamaye Manomaye Yoga

Shakti Shiva Yoga ... Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga ... Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga ...

Above figure denotes Pranamaye Manomaye Kosha Yoga i.e. Vital air sheath (Pranamaye Kosha) union to the “Manomaye Kosha (i.e. the Mind sheath) and just as this union happens inside the aspirants physical vehicle (or Annamaye Kosha) itself … This is what leads to the inner rise (i.e. rise within the aspirant’s microcosm) of the Pot … Read more

Shakti Shiva Yoga and Bhadra Bhadri Yoga

Bhadra Bhadri Yoga ... Bhadri Bhadra Yoga

Here we discuss the union of Bhadra to Bhadri by the path of Bhadra Bhadri Yoga (or Bhadri Bhadra Yoga) which is also termed as Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Shiva Shakti Yoga) and also as Samantabhadra Samantabhadri Yoga (or as Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga) … And this can also be termed as Mahadeva Mahadevi Yoga (or … Read more

Shakti Shiva Yoga in Plexus


This topic describes the Shakti Shiva Yoga (or this can also be told as, Shiva Shakti Yoga) that also happens within the plexus or Chakra … But here I have only described this union of Shakti and Shiva within two chakras i.e. Chakra of Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra) and the crown plexus (Brahmarandra chakra … Read more

Raam Naad and Prakriti Purusha Yoga

Prakriti Purusha Yoga ... Commencement stage ...

Here we shall discuss the two primary aspects of Maker and its Makings … These are told as Prakriti (or matter) or Pradhana (or Primordial or primary) or creation (or feminine principle) and Purusha or Spirit or self or Absolute or eternal or creator (masculine principle) … And their eternally unioned state i.e. Prakriti Purusha … Read more

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