Shakti Shiva Yoga and Bhadra Bhadri Yoga

Bhadra Bhadri Yoga ... Bhadri Bhadra Yoga

Here we discuss the union of Bhadra to Bhadri by the path of Bhadra Bhadri Yoga (or Bhadri Bhadra Yoga) which is also termed as Shakti Shiva Yoga (or Shiva Shakti Yoga) and also as Samantabhadra Samantabhadri Yoga (or as Samantabhadri Samantabhadra Yoga) … And this can also be termed as Mahadeva Mahadevi Yoga (or … Read more

Aghora and Samantabhadra

GG) … Here we shall be discussing the relationship of Buddhist lore to all above discussions … Ahum Naad is same as what was discussed in an earlier topic of Aghora face of Sadashiva, and the same Aghora is also addressed as the primordial Buddha Samanthabhadra +++ during some later times of progress of Buddhism … Samanthabhadra … Read more

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