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Category : Ujjayi Naad …. Sound of Victory

Ujjayi Naad and Bhu Mahabhoot

The earlier painted figure of Ujjayi Naad (sound of victory) where the dull yellow colored macro-elemental earth (i.e. Bhu Mahabhoot or Prithvi Mahabhoot) is shown shall remain valid for this discussion also … Here we also discuss relation of Ujjayi to Bhu Devi or Mother Earth …   JJ … Ujjayi Naad, Bhu Mahabhoot, Prithvi Mahabhoot, Bhu Devi, Mother Earth … As far as this topic of Ujjayi Naad is concerned, we have discussed that Ujjayi Naad means and represents […]

Ujjayi Swaas and Breath of Brahma

 The figure of Ujjayi Naad as was shown in a painting of earlier sub-part of this discussion remains valid for this one also … This topic shall discuss Ujjayi Swaas or Breath of Brahma and the effects on universe due to Rechaka, Pooraka, Kumbhaka of breath of Brahma, which itself is the victorious Breath within the Maker’s Makings … In this topic we shall be discussing the following … The pending discussions of states that are depicted in the earlier […]

Ujjayi Naad and Brahmand Yoga

The figure of the first sub-part of this topic stands valid for this one also … This topic would discuss relation of Ujjayi Naad and Ujjayi Swaas to Dharana, Brahmand Dharana (i.e. oneness to allness) and finally to Brahmand Yoga (union to allness) …   GG-1 … Brahmand Yoga … Union to allness … Firstly we shall have to clarify the term “Brahmand Yoga” … The word “Brahmand” means entirety of allness and her each part … Thus this term also […]

Ujjayi Naad and Mahamanava

The painting of first sub-part of this topic holds valid for this one also … So interested aspirant’s can refer to that topic and its painting for a better understanding of discussions of this one … In this part of our discussion on Ujjayi Naad, we shall be discussing the mega evolved one or Great man among men (i.e. Mahamanava) who reside in the painted state of  macro-elemental earth (i.e. Prithvi Mahabhoot or Bhu Mahabhoot) as was shown in an […]

Ujjayi Naad and Chakravart

The figure of the earlier sub-part of this topic stands valid for this one also … Here we discuss the terms Chakravart, Chakravartin, Chakravartin Samraat and Anointed one and their relation to Ujjayi Naad of this discussion …   FF-1 … Explaining Chakravartin Samraat (i.e. Yoga Chakravart) … As we had discussed in the earlier topic, Ujjayi means victory and Naad means sound … So the term Ujjayi Naad means sound of victory … This that Yogi ones who arrived […]

Ujjayi Naad ... THE SOUND OF VICTORY ...

Ujjayi Naad … The Sound of Victory

 This topic is also a pretty vast one, so I have divided it into parts … Here we discuss Ujjayi Naad or Sound of victory which is also termed as Ujjayi, Ujj and as sound of a victor of allness … In addition to above, this is also a very complicated, highly esoteric topic whose knowledge cannot be distributed openly as it is meant to be given only to those who hold appropriate Karmic Samskaras (karmic impressions or karmic merits […]