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The Being beyond is Brahma

SS-1 … Limitations of descriptions of this topic … The figure of this state cannot be painted as it relates to the colorless (attributeless) body, which as such is naught but a bodiless accomplishment vehicle (i.e. a bodiless-body) … I have written bodiless body as this body is not bound by attributes and their formless-limitations and thus it actually is a vast formless boundless body which self manifests within the aspirant’s physical vehicle and it also extends till the entirety […]

The Being in head is Brahma

The Being in head is Brahma

RR-1 … Regarding above figure … Above figure is describing that stage which is intermediary to the stage 1 and stage 2 of the previous topic which has the header of “8th plexus … Atharvaveda chapter 10”, so this discussion is an extended part of that earlier topic itself … The state of above figure was self realized when the self realizations of previous set of topics on the 8th plexus were still underway … And due to this reason, […]

The being in eye is Brahma

The Being in eye is Brahma

QQ-2 … About this figure … This figure denotes that state of evolution of an aspirant when the consciousness pot (Chetan Kalash) which we had also termed as the Pot of nectar (Amrit Kalash) and the white pot of lighted butter, of the aspirant has already risen up from its original location which was about 2-3 finger breadths below the navel and then this consciousness pot has reached a state which is just above the third eye plexus (or Ajna […]

The being in heart is Brahma

The Being in heart is Brahma

PP-7-A … About this topic and painted sketch … This topic is in continuation to the earlier topic of “Guha Kaivalya … Cave of liberation” because above figure is only showing the state of an aspirant’s subtler observing vehicle whilst that subtler observing vehicle sits inside the innermost pink-white colored orb as was depicted in the earlier painted sketch of the cave of liberation of the previous topic … Above also happens to be one of those older paintings, whose […]

Guha Kaivalya ... Cave of liberation

Guha Kaivalya … Cave of isolation

PP … Base of below discussions … The direct cognition of above figure had also happened in the early months of 2011 AD and prior to the self realizations of the earlier set of topics of “Naad Brahm … OM Naad … Sound of OM” were self realized … I consider self realization of whatever is discussed in this topic as a final proof of entry into the inward path i.e. the path of self realization … And I say […]

Naad Brahm … Endlessly ends

My macrocosmic Mother Nature tells me through her own subtle way of Brahmanaad (i.e. her sound of allness) not to disclose any more of her pristine sounds (i.e. sounds which hold her pristine divinity) … Mother macrocosmic nature herself is the macrocosmic self-expression and is also the self manifested, self presence of the supreme mother of allness (Maa Adi Parashakti) of whose little inconsequential instrument I remain in the current transmigrated incarnation (as it eventually was due to her demands […]

Yoga Tantra … Root of all systems

Basis all earlier discussions that have been done till now, it stands absolutely clear that Yoga Tantras of Sanatan Dharma are the root of all knowledge systems and texts of all religions …   NN-1 … Yoga is the root of all systems … All concepts of any of the religions of now or ever, are essentially rooted within the Yogic realizations that were had and thence distributed by the self realized, all realized sages of the ever-same original knowledge […]

8th plexus and Sound of Da ... Dakaar Naad

Dakaar Naad … Sound of Da

Dakaar is the “Sound of Da” … This is a Yogic sound as is discussed here …   MM-1 … Dakaar Naad … Sound of Da … This is the Sound of eternal union of Bhagwan Sadashiva and Maa Adi Parashakti, both of who are present in the aspirant’s microcosm and simultaneously are also residing within the greater macrocosm, which also is within and beyond each aspirant … When the consciousness Pot (or Chetan Kalash) of the aspirant which itself […]

8th plexus and Khakaar Naad ... Sound of Kha

Khakaar Naad … Sound of Kha

LL-1 … State of self realization of Sound of Kha … When the white pot of lighted butter or the consciousness pot (i.e. Chetan Kalash) which itself is the pot of nectar (Amrit Kalash) that is eternally present in each aspirants microcosm (or physical vehicle) finally goes beyond the four petalled 8th plexus then a very strange sound is heard … This sound is of the Sanskrit letter of Kh (or Kha) …   LL-2 … What self realization does […]

8th plexus ... Through Raam Naad

8th plexus … Across religious lore’s

  JJ-1 … The base of this discussion … Readers must not misinterpret … This topic also relates to Sanatan Vedic Arya Dharma which itself is rooted in Yoga Tantras because of the fact that there has never been any self realized, all realized Vedic Sage (Rishi) who was not a fully accomplished Yogi in the first place … And simultaneously there also has not been any fully accomplished Yogi, whose accomplishments were any different from those of the self […]

Vajradanda and later systems

  II-1 … What Vajradanda and what later systems … Vajradanda means the golden staff of lightening … This Vajradanda is depicted as the golden channel in above painting … This golden channel is denoting that state which is beyond the crown plexus or thousand petalled lotus that is present at the top of brain … This golden channel was the one which originally was told as Vajradanda or the golden staff of lightening …   II-2 … The highly […]

Ashtama Chakra with golden body

8th plexus and Buddhata

HH-1 … Explaining the word “Buddhata” … The term Buddhata means “Buddhahood” … But here the term Buddhahood means Sam Sam Buddha or a teaching Buddha … And the phrase Teaching Buddha can only be applicable to that aspirant, who has already known primary and principal states of allness in addition to knowing her primordial state and all this is in addition to knowing the presence of all these macrocosmic states within the aspirant’s microcosm itself … Thus the knowledge […]

8th plexus and Vedic temples

  Eighth plexus or Ashtam Chakra is also related to Vedeic temples … This is as discussed below …   GG-1 … 8th plexus and pot of nectar (i.e. Kalash) of Vedic temples … If we study the sciences of Vedic temple building, then there is a symbolic pot (Kalash) placed on top of Vedic temples … This pot is made in a specific way, filled up by pure materials in a specific sequence and placed in a certain way […]

8th plexus and Trisanku Yogi

    FF-1 … Important note: Prior you begin reading this topic, just close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes on Sage (Rishi) amongst all Sages (Rishi) of all times, who was also a Brahmic Ayurvedacharya (i.e. healer based upon and within and thus the master of vast divinities) and a Prajapati (i.e. Lord of speciology) of his time and this itself was in addition to being a Greatest of Yogi’s (Mahayogi), a Gotra Pita (one of the […]

Raam Naad ... The path to 8th plexus

Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus

EE … Now this text has reached a stage where I need to assimilate and sequentially arrange those diverse parts of knowledge which I had written during the last 1 to 2 decades and those self realizations which span across about 4 decades of the current transmigrated incarnation … And above itself is in addition to those even earlier self realizations which extend into those long gone and past times as were of much-much earlier incarnations and until those further […]

Ashtama Chakra or eighth plexus with pot of nectar

8th plexus … Atharvaveda chapter 10

CC-1 … Important note: Please carefully note prior you proceed any further with your reading of this text … At the outset and to clear any later confusion that would definitely be building up in the minds “of more than a few aspirants”, I state loud and clear that I am not the awaited one and I am also not the reciprocal of any of the awaited one of any of the knowledge system (i.e. text or paths or religion) […]

Rarity of knower’s of 8th plexus

BB-1 … The base of this discussion … When I see the current severely divided, individualistic and thus degenerate state of humanity within this gross (physical) world and also see the state of those human souls who currently reside within the beyond (subtler or spirit) worlds and then if I  compare these situations to my previous incarnations and also compare to those times as were of my series of transmigrated incarnations that have also taken place till the nowness of […]

What Ashtama Chakra … 8th plexus

AA-1 … Base of this discussion upon the 8th plexus … As I had told earlier that within the knowledge of this text I shall only be doing a detailed discussion upon the eighth plexus (8th plexus) or in other words, within this text I would not be discussing the first seven (or seven lower) plexus’s of Yoga Tantras of Sanatan Dharma … Not repeating that earlier given knowledge of the seven plexus’s (i.e. Sapt Chakra) is because of the […]