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Category : Ashtama Chakra … Eighth Plexus

The Being beyond is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the statement “The Being beyond is Brahma” … This statement relates to Attributeless infinite being (Brahm or Brahman) who itself is the eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omnidirectional, omnipotent and omniparient one, who is also addressed as Brahm in Vedas … This self realization eventually leads to the accomplishment of a colorless siddha body (attributeless siddha body) …   SS-1 … Limitations of descriptions of this topic … The figure of this state cannot be painted as it […]

The Being in head is Brahma

The Being in head is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the ancient and almost lost Vedic statement of Being in head is Brahma and its relation to Hiranyagarbha Sharira (body of golden womb of creation), Tatpurusha Sharira (or the body of Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva) , Dharmakaya Sharira (The body of plane of righteousness), Buddha Body of reality (Buddha Sharira), Buddha Amitabha Sharira (This body also relates to Buddha Amitabha), Maheshwara Sharira (The body of Great Lord of allness, just as he is present in each […]

The being in eye is Brahma ... Tathagatagarbha

The Being in eye is Brahma

This topic shall discuss the Vedic statement of “The Being in eye is Brahma” … And also discuss its relation to Sanskrit words like Anadi Shakti (or timeless divinity) who itself is Maya Shakti (or divinity or Shakti of creator deity, Pitamah Brahma Ji) … And also discuss its relation to concept of Womb of Buddha’s of triple times (i.e. Tathagatagarbha) in addition to the fact that this state is also of a Non Human Man (or Amanava Purusha) … […]

The being in heart is Brahma

The Being in heart is Brahma

In the final (self realized) reality, it is seen that form is formless and formless is form … This is just one of the self acquired aspects of knowledge that are arrived by self realization of the fact that “The being in heart is Brahma” … And this self realization only arrives when the subtle vehicle which sits in the heart to self realize the innermost essence of statement of “The being in heart is Brahma”, merges (or non dually […]

Guha Kaivalya ... Cave of liberation

Guha Kaivalya … Cave of isolation

In this topic we shall discuss the Guha Kaivalya, which means the cave of liberation that is present in the heart of all aspirants … Brahmsutra (or Brahmasutras or Brahma Sutras) chapter 4 subtly tell about this cave of heart … This cave has been named as Guha Kaivalya or Cave of Liberation within this topic …   PP … Base of below discussions … The direct cognition of above figure had also happened in the early months of 2011 […]

Naad Brahm … Endlessly ends

This topic is to close the discussion on knowledge of Naad Brahm, or sounds of Absolute … The name of Naad Brahman relates to sounds of original impressions or Samskara that were generated by Ichha Shakti (divinity of desires) of Pitamah Brahma Ji … Though there is a lot of untold part, but due to demands of time, which itself relates to Bhagwan Mahakaal aspect of Shiva and his own pristine divinity (or Maa Mahakaali) and in addition to this, due […]

Yoga Tantra … Root of all systems

Basis all earlier discussions that have been done till now, it stands absolutely clear that Yoga Tantra of Sanatan Dharma are the root of all knowledge systems and texts of all religions of any of the triple times …   NN-1 … Yoga Tantra is the root of all systems … All concepts of any of the religions of now or ever, are essentially rooted within the Yogic realizations that were had and thence distributed by the self realized, all […]

8th plexus and Sound of Da ... Dakaar Naad

Dakaar Naad … Sound of Da

Dakaar is the “Sound of Da” … This is a Yogic sound …   MM-1 … Dakaar Naad …  This is the Sound of Bhagwan Sadashiva who is in an eternal union with Maa Adi Parashakti, both of who are present in the aspirant’s microcosm and simultaneously are also residing within the greater macrocosm, which also is within and beyond each aspirant … When the consciousness Pot (which in this texts is also termed as Chetan Kalash) of the aspirant […]

8th plexus and Khakaar Naad ... Sound of Kha

Khakaar Naad … Sound of Kha

In this topic we shall discuss  Khakaar Naad or the sound of Kha (or Kh of Sanskrit language) and where this sound also denotes Maa Adi Parashakti as Maa Sita, who herself is Yoga Maya, Yoga Mata and Yogeshwari within her state of being the Param Yogini inside the aspirant and that too whilst she is as the Pot of consciousness (or in other words, the Chetan Kalash or Amrit Kalash) that rises up to the 8th plexus …   […]

8th plexus ... Through Raam Naad

8th plexus … Across religious lore’s

Here we shall discuss the concept of Ashta Siddhi and Mahashunya, from the self realization of 8th chakra. And then discuss that the same 8th chakra is also Devdutt (white horse of Kalki Bhagwan), white horse of Christ and Imam Mehdi, Pushpak Vimana, Garuda and it also relates to concept of Udumbara of Buddhist lore’s …   JJ-1 … The base of this discussion … Readers must not misinterpret … This topic also relates to Sanatan Vedic Arya Dharma which […]

Vajradanda and later systems

Vajradanda or Vajradanda chakra is the golden colored staff of lightening which is present in-between the thousand petalled seventh chakra (or Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) and the four petalled eighth chakra (which in an earlier topic was also told as Brahma Chakra and also told as  Swatantra Chakra) as shown in below painted sketch … In Vedic lore, the same Vajradanda was termed as Vajrastra, which was told to be the weapon of Devaraja Indra (King or Ruler of all […]

Ashtama Chakra with golden body

8th plexus and Buddhata

This topic shall discuss the term Buddhata, which in English language means as Buddhahood … After attaining this state, is when an aspirant may become (or act) as a Sam Sam Buddha (which means a teaching Buddha) …   HH-1 … Explaining the word “Buddhata” … The term Buddhata means “Buddhahood” … And it also means as innermost Buddha nature, innermost fully and eternally awakened nature and as ones real nature … But here the term Buddhahood means Sam Sam […]

8th plexus and Vedic temples

In this topic we shall discuss the the reason for Vedic temples to have a Kalash (which is called as Mandir Kalash and is also termed as a Kalasam) on their topmost part, which esoterically and from the point of view of inner sciences (inner paths or paths of self realizations) denotes the risen state of Nectar pot or the Pot of consciousness (or Chetan Kalash) of that Vedic temple … This rise is also till the 8th plexus (or […]

8th plexus and Trisanku Yogi

In this topic, we shall discuss what a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta means and then discuss the stage where a Yogi who is a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta transits the 8th plexus for 100th time and thus he completes 100th Aantrik Ashwamedha Yajna, so as to be a Trisanku Yogi (Trisanku as written here, is also pronounced as Trishanku) …       FF-1 … Important note: Prior you begin reading this topic, just close your eyes and meditate for a few […]

Raam Naad ... The path to 8th plexus

Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus

Here we shall discuss the sound of Raam or Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus (or eighth chakra of Atharvaveda) … And also discuss this path to be one that would lead to a unity of religions of now as every religious lore is directly or indirectly related to Raam Naad (Sound of Lord Rama) which itself is heard within the microcosm of an aspirant …   EE … Now this text has reached a stage where I […]

Ashtama Chakra or eighth plexus with pot of nectar

8th plexus … Atharvaveda chapter 10

In this topic we shall discuss those Mantra’s of Atharvaveda chapter 10, which state about “Ashtachakra Navdvara” and thus discuss the final eighth chakra (or eighth plexus) and nine doors (or nine gates) of the human body … This is what makes the human body like a miniature state of Ayodhya Puri (i.e. Ayodhya is the city of lord Ram) and it essentially was due to this reason, that Lord Raam is told to be the inner ruler of each […]

Rarity of knower’s of 8th plexus

Here we shall discuss the reason for rarity of knowers of science of 8th plexus, which within the present Brahma Kalpa had originated from the Manu (or Father of Man) of the first Manvantara. This Manu was addressed as Swayambhu Manu due to the fact that he was a mind born son of Brahma (creator of allness) … Each of the 14 Manvantara of any Brahma Kalpa (i.e. day-time of Brahma, which has a time span of 4.32 billion human […]

What Ashtama Chakra … 8th plexus

This entire set of topics shall discuss the 8th plexus or eighth chakra of Yoga whose knowledge is originally related to Atharvaveda, but sadly this knowledge is already lost from this world … Within Siddha sciences and their vast lore’s, the 8th chakra (or Ashtama Chakra) is also termed as Niralamba Chakra and Niralambasthana … But since the placement of the four petals of this chakra resemble the placement of upper four great white worlds that are a part of […]