Yoga Tantra … Root of all systems

Basis all earlier discussions that have been done till now, it stands absolutely clear that Yoga Tantra of Sanatan Dharma are the root of all knowledge systems and texts of all religions of any of the triple times …   NN-1 … Yoga Tantra is the root of all systems … All concepts of any … Read more

Dakaar Naad … Sound of Da

8th plexus and Sound of Da ... Dakaar Naad

Dakaar is the “Sound of Da” … This is a Yogic sound …   MM-1 … Dakaar Naad …  This is the Sound of Bhagwan Sadashiva who is in an eternal union with Maa Adi Parashakti, both of who are present in the aspirant’s microcosm and simultaneously are also residing within the greater macrocosm, which … Read more

Khakaar Naad … Sound of Kha

8th plexus and Khakaar Naad ... Sound of Kha

In this topic we shall discuss  Khakaar Naad or the sound of Kha (or Kh of Sanskrit language) and where this sound also denotes Maa Adi Parashakti as Maa Sita, who herself is Yoga Maya, Yoga Mata and Yogeshwari within her state of being the Param Yogini inside the aspirant and that too whilst she … Read more

8th plexus … Across religious lore’s

Eighth chakra ... Raam Naad

Here we shall discuss the concept of Ashta Siddhi and Mahashunya, from the self realization of 8th chakra. And then discuss that the same 8th chakra is also Devdutt (white horse of Kalki Bhagwan), white horse of Christ and Imam Mehdi, Pushpak Vimana, Garuda and it also relates to concept of Udumbara of Buddhist lore’s … Read more

Vajradanda and later systems

Vajradanda or Vajradanda chakra is the golden colored staff of lightening which is present in-between the thousand petalled seventh chakra (or Brahmarandra chakra or Sahasrara) and the four petalled eighth chakra (which in an earlier topic was also told as Brahma Chakra and also told as  Swatantra Chakra) as shown in below painted sketch … … Read more

8th plexus and Buddhata

Ashtama Chakra with golden body

This topic shall discuss the term Buddhata, which in English language means as Buddhahood … After attaining this state, is when an aspirant may become (or act) as a Sam Sam Buddha (which means a teaching Buddha) …   HH-1 … Explaining the word “Buddhata” … The term Buddhata means “Buddhahood” … And it also … Read more

8th plexus and Vedic temples

In this topic we shall discuss the the reason for Vedic temples to have a Kalash (which is called as Mandir Kalash and is also termed as a Kalasam) on their topmost part, which esoterically and from the point of view of inner sciences (inner paths or paths of self realizations) denotes the risen state … Read more

8th plexus and Trisanku Yogi

In this topic, we shall discuss what a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta means and then discuss the stage where a Yogi who is a Prabuddha Yoga Bhrashta transits the 8th plexus for 100th time and thus he completes 100th Aantrik Ashwamedha Yajna, so as to be a Trisanku Yogi (Trisanku as written here, is also pronounced … Read more

Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus

RAAM NAAD ... Eighth chakra

Here we shall discuss the sound of Raam or Raam Naad as a path to 8th plexus (or eighth chakra of Atharvaveda) … And also discuss this path to be one that would lead to a unity of religions of now as every religious lore is directly or indirectly related to Raam Naad (Sound of … Read more

8th plexus … Atharvaveda chapter 10

Ashtama Chakra or eighth plexus with pot of nectar

In this topic we shall discuss those Mantra’s of Atharvaveda chapter 10, which state about “Ashtachakra Navdvara” and thus discuss the final eighth chakra (or eighth plexus) and nine doors (or nine gates) of the human body … This is what makes the human body like a miniature state of Ayodhya Puri (i.e. Ayodhya is … Read more

Rarity of knower’s of 8th plexus

Here we shall discuss the reason for rarity of knowers of science of 8th plexus, which within the present Brahma Kalpa had originated from the Manu (or Father of Man) of the first Manvantara. This Manu was addressed as Swayambhu Manu due to the fact that he was a mind born son of Brahma (creator … Read more

What Ashtama Chakra … 8th plexus

This entire set of topics shall discuss the 8th plexus or eighth chakra of Yoga whose knowledge is originally related to Atharvaveda, but sadly this knowledge is already lost from this world … Within Siddha sciences and their vast lore’s, the 8th chakra (or Ashtama Chakra) is also termed as Niralamba Chakra and Niralambasthana … … Read more

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