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Ahum to ALA … Continues

The figure of earlier part of this topic which describes the path from Ahum to ALA is also applicable to this one, thus, this topic is in continuation to the previous one which has the header of “From Ahum to ALA” … This is the path of realization of twenty Brahma worlds of which 16 are lower and 4 are upper Brahma worlds of Mahabrahma, Baka, Sahampati, Sanatkumara …   From Ahum to ALA … After emptiness is diamond white […]

From Ahum to ALA

The figure of earlier part of this topic (i.e. from Ahum Naad to ALA Naad) is also applicable to this one … Here we would discuss the how it is when the (Sookshma Sharira (or subtle body or astral vehicle or astral body) consciously proceeds from Ahum to ALA and some of the realizations therein that of four sages or four Buddhas prior entering into the final absorption (or Jhana) of Shunya Samadhi (i.e. absorption in emptiness) …   Reason […]

The subtle route from Ahum Naad to Ala Naad

From Ahum Naad to ALA Naad

Since this is also a pretty vast topic, so I have divided it into parts … But this part of the topic would discuss the path of subtle vehicle when it proceeds from Ahum Naad to ALA Naad (Sound of ALA) and thence it self realizes what was told as Krishna Pingalam or Krishna Pingala aspect of Rudra of Vedas … This topic is to discuss the stage after Ahum Naad (Ahum Naad has been discussed in the previous set […]