Rudra Within Rudra … Itself within Itself …

Three Bodhisattva's in the heart ... Three protector Bodhisattva or Three great protectors or Three protectors of a Buddha

In this part of the topic, we shall discuss the three protector Bodhisattva; i.e. Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani, who have also been addressed as the “three great protectors” and also as “three protectors of Buddha” … And also discuss their relation to Vedic Trinity as stated in Puranic lore …   Kotirudra Samhita 7.15 of … Read more

Aghora, Rudra, Shivalingam … Untold aspects

Aghora and Islam as Makkeshwar Mahadeva

This topic is to discuss the fact about Mahadeva as Makkeshwar Mahadeva or the Shiva as the Lord of Mecca and as Kabaleshwar Mahadeva or Shiva as the lord of Kaba (or Kaaba) … Regarding above painting … This experience happened way back in 1996 when I still was a second mate of foreign going … Read more

Inward path … A worldly experience

This topic is discuss an experience regarding something that relates to existence Rudra across lore’s and especially with respect to the words Allah, Khuda, Khuda Tala and Allah Tala of Islam and thus prove that as far as the deity of Rudra is concerned, this deity is actually present across many lore’s … And thus … Read more

Light of ALA Naad within

Rudra's light within the Brain ... This is light of Buddha ALA within each and is also termed as Noor of Allah

LL-1 … Above  painting shows the light that forms at the top of brain and inside the skull bones after the aspirant has already successfully transited through the direct cognition’s (i.e. self-realizations) of earlier parts of this topic … This is the Light of ALA Naad or Light of Rudra that is eternally present within … Read more

Rudra … The One … But in many …

Here we shall discuss the presence of Rudra across lore’s … Rudra or Shambhu (or Swayambhu) of Vedas is none other than Buddha ALA of Buddhist lore’s and in Islamic lore, the same Rudra is also addressed as Allah Tala (or Allah) … Sagun Sakaar Awastha (Attributed form condition or human form) of Rudra is … Read more

Proceeding into ALA Naad

ALA Naad ... When close to central yellow orb showing Tejas

Above figure describes Rudra Deva (sound of ALA or ALA Naad) when the subtle travelling vehicle (of the aspirant who realizes this state) is stationed in closer proximity to central yellow orb of ALA as has been shown in above painting … Here we shall discuss the fact that Buddha ALA or ALA Buddha or … Read more

Rudra Deva … ALA Naad


This topic is to discuss Rudra Deva of Vedas and whose sound is of ALA (ALA Naad) … ALA Buddha or Buddha ALA is the wrathful primordial Buddha of some of the sects of Buddhism … And also discuss other aspects of Rudra, like the facts that Rudra Deva itself is Shambhu or Swayambhu, Aja … Read more

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