Mukti Marg, Yoga Samadhi, Swa Gyan, Kalatma, Pranatma, Gunatma, Bhutatma

Yoga Samadhi means Samadhi through path of Yoga (Yoga Tantra) … Swa Gyan (Sva Gyan or Swayam Gyan) means, Atma Gyan (self-realization or realization of the true nature of self) which itself leads to Kaivalya Mukti (Liberation due to a full, final and permanent isolation from allness and her each part) … And here the … Read more

Samadhi … Absorption

In this topic we shall discuss Samadhi and its main types … These main types are of Nirvichar Samadhi, Jada Samadhi, Shunya Samadhi, Nirbhava Samadhi, Asamprajnita Samadhi, Samprajnita Samadhi, Chaitanya Samadhi, Nirbija Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi … And Triguna Samadhi, which relates to the three stages, like Rajoguna Samadhi (Asmita Samadhi), Tamoguna Samadhi and Sattvaguna … Read more

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