Mukti Marg, Yoga Samadhi, Swa Gyan, Kalatma, Pranatma, Gunatma, Bhutatma

Yoga Samadhi means Samadhi through path of Yoga (Yoga Tantra) … Swa Gyan (Sva Gyan or Swayam Gyan) means, Atma Gyan (self-realization or realization of the true nature of self) which itself leads to Kaivalya Mukti (Liberation due to a full, final and permanent isolation from allness and her each part) … And here the … Read more

Types, aspects and path of Mukti

This topic shall discuss the two main types of liberation, which includes Karmadheen Mukti (or Karmadhin Mukti) and Karmatit Mukti (or Karmateet Mukti) and with reference to their sub types which as such are of Kalateet Mukti (or Kalatit Mukti), Gunateet Mukti (or Gunatit Mukti), Dishateet Mukti (or Dishatit Mukti) and Turiyateet Mukti (or Turiyatit … Read more

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