Mukti Marg, Yoga Samadhi, Swa Gyan, Kalatma, Pranatma, Gunatma, Bhutatma

Yoga Samadhi means Samadhi through path of Yoga (Yoga Tantra) … Swa Gyan (Sva Gyan or Swayam Gyan) means, Atma Gyan (self-realization or realization of the true nature of self) which itself leads to Kaivalya Mukti (Liberation due to a full, final and permanent isolation from allness and her each part) … And here the … Read more

Yoga as path to Ayoga … Keval Gyan

Here we would discuss the fact, that Yoga itself is path to Ayoga … And also discussed, that the stage of Yoga as path to Ayoga, denotes the path of a Kaivalya Mukta only and thus this is also the path of Keval Gyan … This is the path of a Tirthankar (in reality a … Read more

Anatma as path to Atma … Atma Gyan

Only in the Vedic ways of life (i.e. eternal ways of life or ways of life of Sanatan Dharma) can untruth be a path to the final truth and thus, Anatma is path to Atma … Within the Vedic ways of life, Anatma as path to Atma (untruth as a path to truth) stands true … Read more

Going beyond dependent origination … Wise words

The path of going beyond interdependent origination, also leads to a state which is beyond cause and effect … This leads to a stage where the aspirant also walks beyond all principles, process and laws of Makers Makings … But some lesser or larger quantum of suffering is always there in this path, especially within … Read more

Law of cause and effect and law of reverse effect

In this part of discussion, which is also a part of dependent origination, we would discuss the law of cause and effect and law of reverse effect … The law of cause and effect could also be termed as law of deed and fruit and it originally was called as Karma Siddhanta, Karma aur Karma … Read more

Principle of interdependent origination

Principle of interdependent origination (or principle of dependent origination) is of a very vast scope as far as its applicability stands within the Makings of Maker … But here we shall mostly discuss its end stage, i.e. interdependent origination and its law (or cause and effect, which includes the law of reverse effect) as a … Read more

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