Law of body double … Law of body dual … Kritya Siddhanta … Yoga Kritya

Holders of Kritya and their paths

Here we would discuss the Yoga Kritya (body double or body dual), that is of a Yogi who himself (or herself) is the creator of that Kritya … In simple words, this can be termed as body double of that Yogi which that Yogi only creates it out of his own tiny physical and subtle … Read more

Law of Non human man … Amanava Purusha

Here we discuss Non human man or Amanava Purusha (Amanav Purusha) … There are realms of existences where neither Abhimani Devata nor the Anabhimani Devata are found … These are for those states which do not have a controlling entity of them … Non human men (Amanav Purush) never exists within states that are of … Read more

Principle of God and Satan … Controlling entities

God and Satan ... Godly and Satanic aspects

Here we discuss the principle of God and Satan (or Gods and Satans) … Irrespective of what anyone may think about these greater entities, this topic is discussed just as it actually is … These entities are of two categories … As egoistic Gods (Abhimani Devata) and as non egoistic Gods (Anabhimani Devata) … This … Read more

Law of corrective sameness across macrocosm … Law of cosmic correction … Law of universal corrections

Here we discuss the law of cosmic corrections (or Law of cosmic correction or the law of corrective cosmic sameness or law of corrective sameness across the macrocosm or law of cosmic corrections or Law of universal nature of cosmic correction or Law of universal corrections) … This topic continues from the previous one that … Read more

Law of collective cosmic introspection … Law of eternity of macrocosm

Here we would discuss the law of cosmic introspection (i.e. law of collective cosmic introspection) … This law can also be termed as law of eternity of macrocosm (or law of eternity of cosmic creation or law of cosmic eternity or law of eternal existence of macrocosm creation) … This effects of law always cut … Read more

Principle of eternal collective bliss … Ananda Siddhanta

Here we shall discuss the principle of collective bliss (or Sarvananda Siddhanta or principle of eternal collective bliss or simply the principle of eternal bliss or Ananda Siddhanta) … This is one of the main principles of macrocosm and this is what leads to a state where each microcosm that has ever begun within the … Read more

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