Category : Beyond eighth plexus

Shivalingams of multi-universe

Lingams within and beyond

This topic is to discuss the Shivalingam’s which are eternally present within and beyond each microcosm (aspirant) … Above painting describes the multi-universal macrocosmic creation and this is as it was observed after the consciousness went beyond this universe (i.e. the universe within which this world is present) … Thus above painting is of the multi-universe as was observed when the consciousness flew to a state which was beyond the envelopes of the universe in which the physical body resides […]

Pararandra ... Vehicle of ninth sphere

Hridayarandra … Parayana

This is the vehicle of Para Prakriti … Para Prakriti is the very subtle white colored nature that is beyond the manifest state of nature that we see with our physical eyes … Para Prakrit denotes the ninth and last sphere of Mother Nature … This ninth sphere has also been termed as cloud nine in Buddhist lore … This state is like a very subtle white cloud …   UU-8 … Hridayarandra … Parayana … Para Prakriti Yana … […]

Hridayarandra ... Devayana

Hridayarandra … Devayana

This figure denotes just one of those vast uncountable numbers of paths that could be possible within Devayana (or the Vehicle of divine worlds and their divine beings) … For this discussion, I have chosen the path of “Indra Loka (or world of ruler of divine beings)” because this itself is a better option to discuss Devayana … And the arrow as shown in above figure denotes the direction of travel of the aspirant’s subtler observing vehicle … This self […]

Agyarandra ... Or secret crevice of third eye

Nirgunyana … Agyarandra

UU-6-F … Agyarandra … Ajnarandra … Agya Randra … Nirgunyana … Advaitayana … This topic is in continuation to the preceding one … Agyarandra means the secret crevice of the third eye plexus which itself is the eternally self activated plexus … And this is also a part of Nirgunyana, which was also termed as Advaitayana … When the white pot of butter (pot of nectar or Amrit Kalash) rises beyond the crown plexus and then when the same white […]

Randra's of secret doorways at top of head

Nirgunyana … Panch Randra

UU-5 … Regarding above figure … Above figure is showing a bird’s eye view of the top of head and whilst looking ahead (in the direction of the shown arrow) … In above figure following are depicted from lower (i.e. back of head) till the upper part (i.e. front of head) … Vishnurandra … This is the secret gate of Sri Vishnu at the back of head … This is of a semi lunar shape and is closer to the […]

Randra … Secret Gate

UU-1 … Salutations to my Param-Gurudeva, Ishta Devata, Maheshwara Shiva … I begin this topic by reciting the Panchakshri Mantra (i.e. Five Syllable Mantra) of my Param-Gurudeva and Ishta-Deva Bhagwan Shiva because it ultimately is due to my Param-Gurudeva Bhagwan Shiva that I was blessed with this knowledge a few transmigrated incarnations ago and when I was addressed by a name which related to the Peepal tree … NaMaShiVaYa   UU-2-A … Rarity of sketch of this topic … This […]

Two birds ... The fullness begins

Two Birds … The finality

TT-1 … Regarding above figure … This happened after all earlier discussed self realizations were completed … A few of these are yet to be discussed and some cannot even be discussed during any Kaliyuga … When the state that is subtly referred in this figure was self realized, then at that very instant the base Mantra’s of Vedas were proved absolutely right in essence and spirit … This is because above figure denotes the finality (Gantavya) of those Veda […]