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Category : Randra … Secret door

Pararandra ... Vehicle of ninth sphere

Hridayarandra … Parayana

Parayana is the vehicle of Para Prakriti which is also in the heart and thus this is also a part of Hridayarandra itself … Para Prakriti is the very subtle white colored nature that is beyond the manifest state of nature that we see with our physical eyes … Para Prakriti denotes the ninth sphere, which itself is the final sphere of Mother Nature (Maa Prakriti) … This ninth sphere of Mother Nature as told in Vedic texts has also […]

Hridayarandra ... Devayana

Hridayarandra … Devayana

Here we shall discuss the Hridayarandra … This is a Randra of heart (which means secret gate of heart) … This discussion is on that aspect of Hridayarandra which relates to Devayana or Vehicle of divine beings (Deva) and since this vehicle (or Yana) includes and thus it also passes through many-many divine worlds (Deva Loka), so this vehicle can also be termed as the great vehicle or Mahayana … Thus, this figure denotes just one of those vast uncountable […]

Agyarandra ... Or secret crevice of third eye

Nirgunyana … Agyarandra

In this topic we discuss Agyarandra (or Agya Randra or Ajna Randra) which is the secret gate (or in other words, or the secret crevice or the secret door of the mid brow area (or the third eye plexus or Agya Chakra, which is also called as the Ajna Chakra) … This secret crevice (or secret gate or Randra) is also a part of Nirgunyana (or the attributeless vehicle) or Advaitayana (or the non-dual vehicle or the incomparable vehicle or […]

Randra's of secret doorways at top of head

Nirgunyana … Panch Randra

This topic shall discuss the Panch Randra or five secret gate (or in other words, this also means as the five secret crevice) … Of these five, four are located at the top of head and fifth is in the middle of eye brows … Four of these Randra that are located at top of head are as follows … Shivarandra (or secret crevice of Paramguru Shiva and this directly leads to Shivaloka or divine world of lord Shiva as […]

Randra … Secret Gate

This topic shall discuss the Samskrit term Randra, which means a Secret gate or a Secret crevice that is as a direct path to ones final liberation (which is also told as a stage of entering into Kaivalya Moksha) …   UU-1 … Salutations to my Param-Gurudeva, Ishta Devata, Maheshwara Shiva … I begin this topic by reciting the Panchakshri Mantra (i.e. Five Syllable Mantra) of my Param-Gurudeva and Ishta-Deva Bhagwan Shiva because it ultimately is due to my Param-Gurudeva […]