Relationships of Devi and Deva

This topic is directly related to Panch Mukha Sadashiva, who is also addressed as five faces of Sadashiva and the same Sadashiva is also addressed as Viraat Parabrahman Sadashiva … All Vedic Deva and Devi are eternally related to Sadashiva only and thus their relationships to each other can also be derived from same five … Read more

Pancha Mukha Sadashiva

Panch Mukha Sadashiva

Sadashiva is also addressed as Viraat Parabrahman Sadashiva … Viraat Parabrahman Sadashiva is having five aspects which are also addressed as his five faces … Thus, due to this reason, Sadashiva is also addressed as Panch Mukha Sadashiva or Sadashiva with five faces or five aspects … Thus is the reason for the phrase of … Read more

Sadashiva Pradakshina … Vedanta

Sadashiva Pradakshina Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Pancha Brahma Upanishad

This topic shall discuss Pradakshina around Sadashiva (Sadashiva Pradakshina) basis personal self realizations and consequent experiences as per the path of Vedanta … This path is as it has been described within Panch Brahma Upanishad (Pancabrahma Upanishad) … This happened many years ago, from the time I write this topic … Pradakshina means Parikrama or … Read more

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