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Brahmpath … End result

  This topic is in continuation to the previous one which had the header “Tyaga … End stage of Brahmpath” …   Until now we had discussed the various aspects of Sadashiva Pradakshina and at some places we have also used the term Brahmpath (or the Last path which an aspirant walks prior to an exit from allness and her each part) … But we never concluded the Pradakshina … So this topic is to conclude it … This path […]

Tyaga … End stage of Brahmpath

  Brahmpath which as such is the last and final pathless partless path, was already discussed in the earlier topic of “Brahmpath … The last path” … And this discussion denotes the entry into the last and final stage of that last pathless partless path (or Brahmpath) …   FF-1 … Explaining Tyaga … Tyaga means a surrender … That surrender which is not resting in utmost faith, is never complete … And that which is not denoting completeness of […]

Two paths of Sadhana

Sadhana loosely means “Prayer +++” … And Sadhana in a slightly deeper sense it means “Meditation” … Prayer is not Meditation and meditation is not Prayer as both are completely different entities …   EE-1 … Explaining Prayer and meditation … +++ Explaining +++ as stated above … Meditation is that by which the aspirant knows the root of himself (or herself) and in its finality, that root itself is found to be none other than the root of (or […]

Indra Loka

Chatush Pada Sadashiva Pradakshina

  Above painting is describing Indraloka or the world of ruler of all divine worlds … The same Indraloka (or Indra Loka is also present inside the physical microcosm of each aspirant … That “Inner Indraloka” is present inside the Ida Naadi or the left channel i.e. left-side divinity channel which runs upwards from the base of the spine and terminates at the third eye plexus or Ajna Chakra or Agya Chakra which is located close to area of middle […]

Relationships of Devi and Deva

    Even when in this topic I have discussed the divinities (or Deva’s) of nine planets (Nav-Graha) which are also related to the faces of Sadashiva, yet in above figure these are not shown … And some discussions are intentionally left for interested aspirants to read the Vedic lore and derive their own analysis … At the outset I state very clearly that all relationships of Devi’s and Deva’s are not discussed here … Thus don’t consider this topic […]

Panch Mukha Sadashiva

Pancha Mukha Sadashiva

Prior proceeding any further with these discussions, there needs to be a discussion on Pancha Mukha Sadashiva … Thus is this topic which as such is of Pashupata Marg (or Path of Bhagwan Pashupatinath) … Pancha Mukha Sadashiva means five faces of the Lord and thus five aspects of the Lord … These five are as follows … Sadyojata face of Sadashiva … Vamadeva face of Sadashiva … Aghora face of Sadashiva … Tatpurusha face of Sadashiva … Ishaan face […]

Sadashiva Pradakshina ... Vedanta

Sadashiva Pradakshina … Vedanta

  एकं सद्विप्राः बहुधा वदन्ति Ekam Sat-Viprah Bahuda Vadanti Truth is one, but sages address IT by different names The word Pradakshina is made up of two parts … The word “Pra” means “move forward” and Dakshina means “to south or to the right hand side or to clockwise direction” … This is also termed as Parikrama … In simple words, Pradakshina or Parikrama means circumambulation around a deity, around a place of high spiritual authority (like a Vedic temple, […]