Law of eternal Sssexing

Here we shall discuss the cosmic law of eternal Sssexing (Law of Sssex) … This can also be called as the law of eternal exchange (law of exchanges or law of eternal exchange), the Law of eternal unions (law of unions or Law of union), Law of diversification of allness (Law of variety), Law of … Read more

What celestial measurement

There are two broad types of celestial measurement and these are … Gross measurements … These relate to physical aspects … Subtle measurements … These relate to subtler aspects … In this topic I shall mainly be concentrating upon subtle measurements which relate to larger celestial aspects like  plane of existence (like Milky Way Galaxy) … Read more

Dimensions and eternal unity

This topic shall discuss the fact of self realization of eternal unity of an aspirant to each microcosm which is realized though meditations upon the dimensions and thus the aspirant comes to to know about the Eternal unity of all to all parts of allness (i.e. e very other microcosm) … We had discussed earlier … Read more